Sunday, June 6, 2010

What's the quest chain to get to Crazed Forest Spirit?

Question from the man, the legend . . . I give you "mike"!
Hey friendly! it's mike. Did not want to take up to much of your time, so just a small question. That crab pet from the crazed forest spirit or something like that, i have been trying to farm him, but can't find the right side quest. Do you know what mooshu side quest it is? I want to be all hip for the grand opening of Celestia! :)

Cool cool. Well, since it's a short question, and I've learned much more since I attempted to answer this question long ago. Obviously, my answer came up short (and got chastised by Sorion, and I quote: "Doesn't stop there by the way xD Not by a long shot X_x")
1-The easy answer is go to Ironhawk's Moo-Shu Quest Guide on Central.

2- From there scroll down to (or Ctrl+F "mossback" to) the first mention of Mossback's first two side quests called "I'm cursed" and "Rock on" in Cave of Solitude. Make sure you've done those. If yes, continue on to step 3. If no, do those quests and continue on. You have to do the whole chain.

3- Scroll down to (or Ctrl+F "mossback" to) Mossback's side quests in Kishibi Village. Done those? Do those!

4- Scroll down to (or . . . you get the idea) Mossback's side quests in Shirataki Temple. Done those? Do those!

5- Mossback's side quests in Ancient Burial Grounds. Done those? Do those!

AND NOW, you should have your quest for Crazed Forest Spirit.



At this point you might as well go on and finish the long quest chain here:
6- Wavebringer's side quests in Village of Sorrow.

7- Oakheart's side quests in Tree of Life.

Best of luck getting that Crabling!

Happy Dueling!


Mike said...

Thanks for the help! (wow that was fast, i sent it to u about a hour ago :)

Wizard 101 Info said...

Friendly, Wizard 101 Info has a great guide on this that you could post if you think it would be helpful:

-Dustin MoonCatcher

David TitanRider said...

Oh Dustin Beat me to it!

well its stated above.

Anonymous said...

Hey friendly, drop me a tweet when you get on

Mike said...

Done the quest chain, be sending in screenshots of me and my crab pet soon! fighting the boss over and over and over and over and over again :)