Tuesday, June 22, 2010

About Asking Questions on The Friendly Necromancer

Lessee, question from last month from Noob on the Tube:
"Hi, where would i submit questions? is there like, a throne room or cryss=tal ball somewhere?"

Answer: yes. here are the secret items and locations you ask for.

1) The throne of painful necessity:

(photo credit: you don't even want to know where I found this on the net)

To ask me a question, you must first prove you've got the toughness to take my honest answer while at the same time relieving yourself of the burdens that come from these questions.

2) The crystal ball of Karl:

(Photo credit: Karl Merton Ferron, Sun photographer)

The answer will always bring some sort of enlightenment, but beware the guardian of the crystal ball! The moustached man's bite is definitely worse than his bark . . . (before you ask, no, that is not me, that is Karl. No, I do not know Karl.)

. . .

Yeah just send me an e-mail, yo! The address is over on the right hand side of the blog.

over that way ---~~--> and kind of up near the top ^^

The problem with me answering questions I've discovered is that there are more of you than me, and I tend to start to feel all picked on and stuff when I have 26 questions in my inbox from the past week that I haven't even touched.

Sooooo, I may not get to your question for a month or whatever . . . persistence my friends! If you do not make it through the throne of painful necessity or the crystal ball of Karl the first time, then please try again!

Happy Dueling!


Paul legend weaver said...

Hey friendly,I was wondering if you could just add me back, on 6/23/10 at
5:00 pm EST so I guess 4:00 pm for you.In nightside, in one of the less crowded realms such as unicorn. I hope to add you back.

Noah DreamBlood said...

LOL! I have the throne of pain at my house too! Don't you just love them?

Sierra Starsong said...

Is that Peter Criss from Kiss? Whoa, junior high flashback. "Beth, I hear you calling, but I can't come home right now..." 'cause I'm farming Yeva. *snicker*

Through the Spiral Gate said...

Lol aww poor Friendly XD If you ever get too overwhelmed you could redirect some of the easier questions to me, I wouldn't mind answering them :P

And I love that throne! Such painful necessity, yet so... necessary.

L. R. Jonté said...

You know, Friendly, if you're feeling all picked on and stuff, I might be able to take on a little of your overflow.

Just sayin'. ;)

Rob said...

will u put me on your link list?