Thursday, June 24, 2010

What if my friend abandons me?

Question from anon:
Hey Friendly! I'm looking for some advice here. I had one amazing friend in which we did EVERYTHING together. We leveled our wizards, beat marleybone in one day, used to always farm, pvp, etc. And then suddenly he deletes me. I ask, "why?". Then deletes me once more. Then my friend logged on, said, "hey :D", and he proceeded to delete him as well. For no reason! I'm looking for advice due to the fact that I lost a good friend for practically no reason. I see you've been playing this game a while, so you may have more experience in these things than me.
Around my house we have a name for these things when they happen. You sir, just got hit with a jerkstorm. (except sometimes a jerkstorm here also implies people haven't been picking up after themselves . . . I digress)

No, it has nothing to do with this.

It has everything to do with people getting all plankton on ya.

Heh. I guess at least he didn't insult you like that. :-) We'll call it a silent jerkstorm. The surprise jerkstorm. He just poofed out of your life, but sometimes that's almost worse, isn't it? Our imaginations can say more mean words than the evil abandoner ever did. EVIL! ABANDONER! JERKSTORM!

I don't know why people are jerks, but I do know that the Internet allows for a lot of them. It has the power to turn normal people stupid.

I'm not sure what happened, but perhaps they just wanted to experience the game without you always there. On your end of the screen life was wonderful, but on their end of the screen you were always bugging them and they were just being polite, just letting the jerkstorm build until it finally hit. BAM! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!

Um, or perhaps they wanted to make new friends and had no good way of telling you get lost so they could, so they forced the situation? /shrug

I can try to throw out scenarios like this all day, but really I don't have the full story and neither do you it sounds like (since they didn't clue you in).

Life sucks sometimes, doesn't it? I'm thinking in the end because they didn't offer you an explanation, they never were really emotionally invested in the friendship. Thus, the Internet allows them to do something they wouldn't really do in real life. The best we can hope for is a twinge of guilt.

You got hit with a jerkstorm.

Over time you'll know who your real friends are, anon. Hang in there and try not to take it personally. This is the Internet after all. (He could have been hacked and the hacker deleted you just to be mean while he was hacked? A hacker jerkstorm? /shrug)

Thanks for the question. Hope I didn't leave you with more questions than answers.

Happy Dueling!


Alex Deathshade said...

HEY FRIENDLY! the record for most players is 7.5 million with WoW.
this new patch thingy when you log in says 10 million, meaning W101 beat that!
GO W101

Vanessa said...

This would be a good one for a Ravenwood Radio segment. What do you think?

CJ said...

Hey friendly, I have a question. If I lost my membership but had thirty thousand crowns, would I lose my text privileges?
Plz answer

M.W.S said...

You wonder why is this kid always bothering me so much?!

I can't take this type of craziness anymore..!

It's time you get deleted I can finally enjoy my life lol.

Kevin BattleBlood said...

And most importantly, someone who removes you on purpose isn't worth keeping or pursuing as a friend!

Off work monitor was just shaking left to right...I bet there are free donuts out in the open somewhere....

Anonymous said...

Do you loose ur pets that u hatch a pet from them in hatchery? Or do you keep them?

Iridian said...

Plankton in that clip reminds me of Bowerick Wowbagger... (And if you got that, you're even more awesome than I first thought. And that is hard to do.)

Wezlart said...

Hey... Wow this makes me feel bad! Sometimes, my kid gets to play Taryn. It's not often, but it happens. He ends up adding a bunch of friends since he prefers to roam in packs, randomly questing and generally being a good guy. But he's still a kid and things happen. Usually I'll go in and clean out the friends he's made because I don't play the same as he does. If a player texts me, I try to give them a heads up that I'll be cleaning out my friendslist and it's nothing personal. And sometimes I don't say anything and just do it.
I apologize to anyone I "jilted" by this practice, but that's just the way it is.
Feel free to throw rocks at me on my blog...
but remember, you might actually become my friend if you "talk" to me.