Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Equipment with Beguile, Astral Magic, level 35 death gear, and the paparazzi?

Here's a smattering of questions from yesterday:
Gabriel Shadowsmith asks: Hey! Is there a beguile card giving item?I really love the spell, but i'm not death....pls help me out Friendly.

Heya Gabriel, I don't think I've ever seen an item with Beguile on it. Not even old school crown gear. However, don't give up hope! I remember when Empower was only an item card on some old school crown gear and then all of a sudden they add a toys R us gift card pet with the spell and, boom, awesomeness. I also remember when death minion wasn't an item card, then, BOOM, Ianthine Spectre. So, things change. Keep an eye on the gift card pet page. It updates every month.

If I'm wrong, readers. Please let me and Gabriel know. kkthxsbye!
Anonymous asks: Friendly, I'm not sure how to leave you a question, so I'll just write it here. I've heard that there are going to be three new schools of magic in Celestia. Is this true? If so any predictions what they'll be? Thanks.
P.S. I am so pysched for Celestia.

Yes! Astral magic has been discussed for quite a while now. The going theory is that sun, moon, and star will be the new schools of magic, and they will be secondary only schools of magic. In other words, you won't be able to make a celestial wizard or anything like that.

Blaze Duskblade asks: hey friendly i have a question for you what would be the best level 35 death only gear and where can you get it

Hmm, interesting question because level 35 lies right between the best Marleybone gear (usually level 25 or 30+) and the best Mooshu gear (usually level 40+). (The easy answer used to be crown clothes, but all the old school crown gear is unavailable.) So I guess, I can't give you the easy answer of . . . go look at Ironhawk's Marleybone or Mooshu guide. Although, it might give you some ideas.

Another place I can point you to would be over to wikia's list of level 35 gear.

Death hats
Death robes
Death shoes

Hmmm, no Death specific rings or athame's listed there though.

Hmmm, so the last suggestion I think I could give is to sort your bazaar by level and look for the best.

From doing that I'd vote for the following pieces:

BUUUUTT, even that's debatable because there are similar gear pieces with less death resists and more hitpoints.

So, hopefully in a roundabout way I've answered your question or given you a few ideas.
Sean Emeraldweaver asks: Friendly, lol you are a celeb these days! Do I have to be paparazzi to get hold of you

Yes, pretty much you have to be paparazzi to get a hold of me . . . and even then I shall rush by you screaming, "NO PHOTOS! NO PHOTOS! NO COMMENT!"

Things definitely haven't slowed down any around here in your absence, Sean. They've only got busier and crazier and more spectacular!!! (or something like that.)


Happy Dueling!


Fist of Fire said...

I think there used to be an old crown hat with animate...

And if your looking for the best gear, you'll have to farm for it.

P said...

Hi, Friendly, I don't know how you post a question and I would like to know, so I guess that is my question.


Alex Deathshade said...

i am one of your friends, and i am your papparazzi

Mike said...

Wow i can see why you band questions, this is crazy!

If i saw you, i would not go crazy like a paparazzi, i would just want a few screenshots with you, then i would leave you alone :)

It would be so cool to meet you in game and get a few screenshots, after all, i am the man, the legend MIKE!

The Sorceress said...

On the level 35 death gear, it depends on what your looking for. I look for health usually. BTW, I Shoji's Ring of Pondering is better than Band of Calculation. It has +164 health and +134.

Destiny Deathgem said...

i was lucky enough to come across Bailey and then BAM! SCREENSHOT MANIA! (with Bailey and Friendly)

Grayson said...

1. Um, the Dark Crow pet from the Pet Pavilion does damage and then has the same effect as Beguile after that.

2. No comment

3. Wow, even I didn't think of that Deck. Thanks for the help! But, I think that the Deck that you can find in the Mooshu deck shop is better because it gives 6 copies of each Death spell.

4. Lol, I don't even know what paparazzi means and I can get hold of a spot on Friendly's friend list.

Dustin MoonCatcher said...

For GM Death Gear Locations, check out this site:


travis emeraldspear said...

hey friendly, this is travis emeraldspear, i would like to tell you why i cant log on my grand chars, it just exits the game when i go to the commons, is this a bug or something? and do you have an idea when it will fix?

Anonymous said...

lol everyone is getting all excited about celestia, pets, mega snack packs, ect.....
when all this celebration is going on where am I? typing a science experiment lab report :P
the only good thing is there is only 1 week left of school

Chater said...

Hey Friendly,
I am a long time play like you. I remember when there were no mounts and the old crown gears (The Best). I also remember when they didn't have pay to go paln or the PvP system we have now. So here is my question (A lot of my real life friends ask). Should I buy Pet Elixir when the Pet Energy is at zero? and In your interview section, did Professor Greyrose say anything more about Candy Land or any hint if it is a world? I would love it if you could answer my questions. I am a big fan!

blaze duskblade said...

eh friendly mon i have another question for you what is the coolest thing that has ever happened to you on wizards101 on any of your wizards any of yo accounts just wondering mon

Megan said...

You can also buy a beguile treasure card from any treasure card vendors too so you could do that they don't cost very much gold really....

Lenora NightWraith said...

I saw you at the Ravenwood Ball and at the pre-party a couple weeks ago. Both were equally as insane when it came to your fans lol. I seriously have no idea how you do it! You're like a rockstar in W101!

me (aka alexis deaththorn) said...

FRIENDY remember gabriel and his question about a thing that gives beguile?I FOUND IT......the crow in the pet pavillion does some damage and makes you enemy fight for you for one turn...YES HAHA, you need to be a pet commander to get it tho..................