Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Catch up

Wow, I didn't post at all this weekend.

Less talkee, more playee:

1- Just as a refresher, the end date for the petnome contest is approaching! Keeping plunking in those entries! Remember you have until midnight 15 June Pacific time to make an entry!

2- Stop decorating your houses and start decorating your dorm room! Paige (my good buddy MeCatz) is holding a contest where you need to decorate your dorm room with 5 specific items. You need to get screenshots or video submitted by June 28, 2010 at 9:00 PM Central US time.

3- The new Xbox will be called not Project Natal but Kinect apparently. Not that you care, oh uncaring ones. Not that I care either. /shrug How do I know this? It seems to have been an early leak from E3. I picked it up from people gabbing amongst themselves in Twitter.

4- Yes, E3 is just a day away. If you're looking for E3 Twitter for information, I think most people are going to be following @E3Expo (or #E32010 ?). I highly doubt Wizard101 will reveal anything at E3 or be a big part of the expo. From what I've noticed, they don't do many expos or industry shows outside of AGDC. BUT, if you remember they did promise us a cool new quest would be coming out. I think that data loss last week really knocked the wind out of them and took pretty much all their efforts to overcome.

5- Molly made level 48! WOOTS!

I took a good chunk of Friday and leveled her up on sidequests including the infamous Mossback quest chain. That's just a ton of EXP there. I got an idea to make a Mossback quest video that could be strange funny. Strange funny can be good. Either way, I got a question from an anonymous poster that asked, "Hey Friendly. I have a question. I had a quest leading up to the Crazed Forest Spirit guy, but now it's missing! And I haven't beaten it yet! I will never get a Crab!!!!! Why did this happen!?!?!?!?" Just go back to my thread and try to follow it. Know that once you complete one of the quests for mossback in a particular zone, he doesn't give you a follow on quest to meet him in a different zone for the remainder of the quests. You have to hunt him down and find his yellow exclamation point.

6- Ravenwood Radio is coming up on Wednesday. I don't have a segment yet. Suggestions?

7- I'm starting to want to get Final Fantasy 13 for Father's Day. I kind of got sucked in by this film of these Japanese peeps getting all excited about it. I want to be this excited about it too. (Side note, I own Final Fantasy 2 for the super Nintendo /giggle)

8- Myrna had a good bout of Derby Racing with a teenage bloodbat (or you call it mythbat if you're cool ;)) that won her pet veteran status.

It was hilarious (or frustrating) to watch my mythbat smoking teenage level 48 pets. Myrna then scored a striped boar with her tickets, and I decided to race that as well. The boar did, hmmm, ok, so I earned enough tickets to buy another one. I think I'll level that one and see if one of the ultra-rare derby talents manifests. Then I'll have two for combines. Wee!

9- You may have noticed the pet and housing lists have reappeared at the top of the screen. If not, hey! LOOK AT THAT!

10- HYBRID SIGHTING! I do believe this is the archfiend?

11- It looks like the second chance chests are giving out money instead of second chances. Anybody else notice this?

12- I gotta go to work! Catch you all on the flip side!

13- Happy Dueling!


Rogue Sorcerer said...

dude ff12 will rock your boots off! i played a demo on ps3 and boy is it good. Bad thing is that if you get it for xbox360 then you have to change the disk. its 3 disks or 4. i don't remember.

The Evil Theurgists said...

Final Fantasey 13 is a great but very very long game and the good part is not until the ending, it takes about 64 hours to finish. Man I wish E3 was open to public :( I'll just be watching G4 all day.

witchwarrior said...

Maybe for your segment, I could guest star and help you answer that big heap of questions.
Whaddya say?

Anonymous said...

HEY FRIENDLY LOL FIRST SECOND CHANCE chest give gold if your backpack is full xD o and i got a tempest hound

Taji34 said...

You could talk about the unofficial bloggers in the spiral. Just talk about your unoficial blogger friends and give them advice.

Heather Emeraldflame said...

Yeah, unfortunately noticed that on the second chance chest right after the update. I was hoping it was a glitch, but it seems to happen every once in a while. It stinks because if it happens once and you try again(or again and again, etc.) that is ALL YOU CAN GET: gold. I don't think most people do the SCC for gold. It is a good little chunk of gold, but if I wanted gold I'd go farm With the SCC I'd rather at least know I have a chance at a item.

Gratz on Myrna!

Sierra Starsong said...

Podcast idea: Did you lose anything in KI's missing items ruckus last week? What do you think of how they handled it?

Another idea: Derby play-by-play, like you're a trackside announcer.

John Lifeglen said...

I noted a Reaver in the arena the other day and was uber jealous as I have a hydra myself :/ Also, my friend angela snagged a Grimtooth! Gratz on Molly!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is giving SO much money. My friend got 8 gold clots in a row. I kept getting it too. Something's up.

Paige MoonShade said...

Thanks for the Mention WOOT!

Destiny StormStone said...

i wanna know what they're saying in that video

stingite said...

Whoops, I accidentally deleted Chater's comment. Comment moderation fail. Here it is:"Hey Friendly,
The video you posted was about the game you wanted is a TV show that rank on video game, and they all say they liked it(My dad speak a little Chinese and Japanese). I got an idea you could talk about for Ravenwood Radio,different pet combos (lvl 48 pets)and how it works, and The Oakheart Quest that "disappeared" from the persons quest book,you have to go back and talk to the person again (It happened to me too and Kingsisle explained it in a email letter)."

Wizard 101 Info said...

Yea. (David here) FF13 is LONG but it is pretty fun though. It takes a long time for it to be over so your gonna be playing for a while.

Anonymous said...

O.K. Thomas, How about a place where a person can send you codes and such for use in the game for other wizards, contests and to contribute?? I'm not finding it here...And, congrats to Molly for taking her school spell!

stingite said...

@all those recommending FF13: I got it! woot! thanks!

@people with ideas for my segment: Thanks! You rock!

@anon: place for people to send me codes? Wild, I never thought of that. hmm.

smvb said...

Regarding the second chance chests -- I think they need to RE-think this change. My kids and I had just finished the Ravens, and my daughter and I got a couple of nice things from the second chance chest. My son only got gold all three tries. He was REALLY disappointed--he was on the edge of tears. People don't use the SCCs to get gold....