Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stills from the Celestia News Video

Ok, so I blew up that news video from yesterday to 100% on my screen and took a few screen captures to try and pull out important pieces of information.

Unfortunately I was running around farming for spectres this morning and totally lost track of the time, so I don't really have a lot of time to do an analysis of these pictures for you.

But I'm going my best to sprint type and maybe give a thought or title to each picture, and then I'm going to depend on you fine readers to leave comments to help unravel the mysteries of these pictures!

Past J Todd's Noggin there, I think I might see some kind of being made out of stars? I thinking someone that teaches you astral magic.

I see a concept drawing of robot boy from the celestia wallpaper here.

Obviously a world zone in a dome of some sort.

A zone map layout from a god's eye view.

Another zone shot, this one has a huge tower in it.

Celestia Weapons.

This is the zone from the wallpaper picture, a major hub of the game.

This is the zone with the tower. Notice the bridge and the pool.

The important thing for me on this was to note the yellow numbers in the corner . . . someone is running fraps to check frame rates? I wonder if the news reporter has a fraps video of this that KI made him. If the numbers were red, I'd say yes, but the numbers are yellow, so probably not.

The arm of an NPC we haven't seen yet. Bracelet. Blue skin. Celestian?

Really basic zone layout, notice the uneven terrain.

Mr. Krabs.

Ok, seriously, I need to get the heck to work now! YIKES GONNA BE LATE!

Happy Dueling!


M.W.S said...

That's awesome! I was pretty late yesterday and they removed the video! So, didn't get a chance to watch it... I:

I saw that wizard running around in CT (Celestia)but, what about swimming in it?

No shark/fish/whale mounts?! :O

(Middle-school graduation today I:)

Anonymous said...

Looks cool!! Any clue on what it will be called?

Peter Venuti said...

Thsi stuff is really cool! I love this and all, but... will Celestia's colors really look like that? I think they should liven it up a bit. It kinda looks like its from an editor's POV, so maybe it is different colors