Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Silverback Wildclaw Zoos (pet of the day!)

A question from Paul sprung up this afternoon:
Hey friendly, um today I found a new pet discovery, I think. I got a silverback wildclaw form the coven. The final bosses in GH. When I told my friends they said it was impossible. Is this a glitch, or is it a discovery?

Heya! Well, as much as I want to tell you yes . . . Nope. Not a new discovery, but very cool nonetheless because it is one of the new pets!

It's got a really high pedigree doesn't it? so fun!

Check it out, my daughter's character has 5 of them! LOL!

I have three.

Uber wife has one.

Kyle has a pair of them.

I'm guessing that pretty much everybody that farms the Raven$ for money has a couple by now. I predict by the end of this advanced pets madness that everyone will have a personal zoo full of silverback wildclaws.

Let's just make it the pet of the day and get it over with now. ;-)

Thanks for the question and gratz on the new pet!

Happy Dueling!


wolf talespear said...

Hey Tom! I have a question. If you were a grand death student, what would you recomend to stitch you grand gear into.... ? Ok cya in the spiral And people remember I have a new blog THE DEATH DOMINATOR!!!

luke redblood said...

i got one of these today from the ravens in the fortress at ravenscar and it is awesome although i have to wait a day for it to hatch. I think it is the best pet i have gotten in grizzleheim so far

Fist of Fire said...

It's a silverback wildclaw friendly...

wolf talespear said...

I got one too!! I was going for my deqth hat there and I have horton two!!! Lol they are very cool. I have a regular wildclaw that is better so I don't use them :(

stingite said...

@wolf: why I'd stitch them on santa boots, a jester hat, and a cool dean robe. ;-)

@luke: gratz!

@fist of fire: Of course they are! And this is why I have now updated my post. LOL. thanks for the heads up.

Paige MoonShade said...

Not a bug for sure :) I got many and i think your look awesome

JGoof said...

Great picture of Bailey's Wildclaw. Looks like she's waving "hello" with her right paw. LOL

William..again said...

The weirdest thing just happened with my character, when i logged in my account, I got a little surprise of a fire bat on each person. Then i was looking at the shop and got free 2500 crowns, and THEN my bat wings and any other crowned gear i had (including astral clothes) tripled! I am kinda freaked, but glad that this happened
*hope you can answer this friendly

Anonymous said...

I have to ask a question for my dad, Wheres Fushiko in Village of sorrow? He needs the book. Thanks Friendly!

shadowfist said...

Hey, Friendly-

What's that death robe Bailey's wearing? Is that from the Death Oni? It looks awesome (even if she's got fire stats stitched to it). :)

wolf talespear said...

@William I know you where asking friendly but you have to do the mooshu version of the clean sweep quest in the village of sorrow

stingite said...

@Paige: thanks ma'am

@Jgoof: yeah, hehe, Bailey's pictures always turn out awesome!

@William: That's part of KI's reimbursement for lost items.

@anon: have him do wei pei's side quests and he'll be on the right track.

@shadowfist: That is the death robe from Youkai.

William said...

thanks stingite, and wolf, i looked at the Kings Isle recent bugs and found the exact thing that happened to me.