Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Three Words: Pokemon Evolution Stones

Ok, if you don't know what an Evolution Stone is in pokemon, please watch this video I found from the 4:40 minute mark to around the 5:30 minute mark (or you could watch the whole thing if you want to watch a Super Smash Bros Brawl /shrug).

So, here's my thought. What if Kingsisle put some version of the evolution stone into the game to help people evolve their pets? It could be a rare drop from bosses (similar to how the crowns shop items work now) OR if KI was feeling sassy, maybe they could actually put evolution stones into the crowns shop?

With the basic premise being that when you use an evolution stone (or whatever variant KI dreams up) it boosts your pet's experience, how much would you pay for an item that gives your pet 100, 200, 300, 400, or 500 experience points . . . thereby shortcutting the amount of mini-games you had to grind to get your pet to epic? Or, how much would you pay for an item that actually jumped your pet a full level?

Heck, they could even put variations of these stones in the game that would evolve a pet a specific amount. There could be a stone that would only evolve any pet from baby to teen, teen to adult, etc. There could be stones that only evolve death magic pets, myth magic pets, etc.

I think at this point the last remaining major worry for all of us beyond those I've stated in the past are the sheer number of mini-games we're going to have to play back-to-back with the amount of gold we need to use the hatchery with our level 48 pets. Well, if I'm out farming all this gold, I'd love the loot tables of the major bosses to also give me a chance at an evolutionary stone.


If not this, then I feel something else needs to be done about the pet experience situation.


You know, in Everquest you can get these weapons in the game that you have to level up to make them powerful, talk to you, etc. Basically what you do is toggle a switch and all the experience that would be going to your player now goes toward your sword. Could we be given an option to level our pets through dueling as well as the mini-games? /shrug. 25 regular experience points = 1 pet experience point? You know, the problem with those mini-games (aside from there only being four to choose from) is that in the end they stop you from socializing with your friends because you're busy . . . and one of the best things about this game is that you can play and talk with people at the same time.

I'm envisioning some people will need an alternative for pet leveling . . . whether it's evolutionary stone or pet experience through dueling. something. anything.

What do you think?

Happy Dueling!


Wolf Deathbreaker said...

Dude KingsIsle doesn't want to do anything to make our gaming experience easier they just want lots of money! and i dislike that idea!

just jk :) thats an awesome idea but it would be cooler if taking care of your pet feeding it, talking to it, keeping it happy and friendly pet against pet competition were the main way to level up your pet.
I like the hatching concept i'm just not sure if the issue i have with it is that it's too complicated or not complicated enough.

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

I think that the more pets help you in battle, they gain an xp bonus. I wish it wasn't just a rare talent that some pets have. That's just stupid. And the evolutionary stones would be okay, but then people would just stop playing minigames all together.

Kevin BattleBlood said...

You knowww...now that you've put those words out there...

Pokemon Evolution stones (in Red/Blue and other earlier versions) affected monsters that evolve just once, and required the Stones to do so. It also (of course) changed the monster's appearance, like that one guy who starts out furry but grows massive muscles when a stone was used. Nidoking?

Has anyone managed to level a Red Gobbler up to Epic level yet?

Unless I've missed something, I wonder if there is any connection with the Nibbler/Baby Gobbler to metamorphosis, so that it will grow up to look like its green, "adult" counterparts.

I mean, all other pets keep the same appearance through all ages, so that fact may denounce my speculations. Yet, how do Gobblers end up with arms and a torso, like seen in Colossus Blvd?

Perhaps...these stones could give chunks of pet XP (75-150) and produce a cosmetic effect?

Sierra Starsong said...

I like the idea of your pet getting part of your XP, or getting its own XP for duels when it's equipped (since it doesn't exactly do the quests). Whether it casts any spells of its own or gives you a gear-type boost or just stands there being supportive, pets deserve their own duelling XP.

Anonymous said...

Great idea, Evolution Stones, I can buy a lot, if I willed use to level up my pets. About the hatchery, is really much gold and if I gain the some that I give? Perhaps, you choose the pet that will gain could justify the lots of gold. Or less gold, and the chance continue.

Destiny D. said...

why cant we level our pets like in pokemon where we can battle a set of "pet bosses"(gym leaders) using our pets only and not ourselves,alongside friends and their pets? that way it's fun and not too exhausting or complicated.
also we should have something like the "rare candy" ones that increase our pets one level higher or something like that
i think our pets should get experience whenever we do something together with them, like battling bosses, or mini-games

Honorary Detective said...

Not bad! I actually love the idea for the experience switching.. :)

Heather Emeraldflame said...

I think you are right in that there should be "some" alternative(s) to mini-games. I also have the same issue as you with being stuck playing those games back to back. I HATE that everyone is going to be stuck in those games; you won't be able to talk to your friends while they are playing games! This really does take away ANY socializing that we did have because now so many people are going to be basically stuck in a room leveling up their pets, and with no access to the "outside world" and no one able to contact them.

I am not the biggest extrovert out there...not even one actually; and even I don't like that fact! I enjoy hearing from my friends and talking to them when I see them on, even when I can't talk to every single one of them all the time. I mean a simple "hello" from a friend can make you smile sometimes. And if you get into a conversation with them: even better! You can't do that when you are locked in minis for long periods of time.

Besides that I very, very quickly bore of these games...and I am really only good with the maze game and gobbler drop, but it gets very tiresome even doing those games for 30 minutes to an hour.

I sort of wish this was more like Neopets in this way: in that game you earn, find, or buy certain stones to train your pets with at their school. When you have the correct stones you take them to the school and pay for the type of training you wish your pet to have(which stats you want them to increase on.) You "leave" your pet there to train for a few hours. The higher the level of the pet, the longer it stays in school.

Now, if we had that we could drop off our pets for training and go about our business, duel, talk to friends, etc. Most people end up having more than one pet. So leaving one or so in training would not be a big deal. And if it's your level 48 pet; surely you can go without it for at least a little bit! I rarely use my 48's actually...at least when by myself(it's when I usually have my defense pets with me.) Either use another pet or find other things to do. Or, there are still mini's you can play with your 48's if you just can't tear yourself away from them.

I would love alternative ways to level a pet, even if it didn't give A LOT of XP for them.
A less involved method of training, to me, would almost be priceless; allowing me to have more fun in my game time instead of just grinding minis to increase pet stats/level.

The stones idea is nice. Though I can't see "me" farming for those, unless they did drop at the Ravens...where I am probably going to be farming for gold and loot anyway.

@Kevin: I have been wondering the same thing about Gobblers; how did they go from that little ball with legs to the taller, green, more humanoid versions?

Alric Ravensinger said...

I now can honestly say that I love you friendly j/k rofl Your mixing too of my favorite things in the world thank you lol.

12 yr Pokemon Veteran here yo w00t!

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of being able to halt learning a talent. That would let you hold out for better talents. Maybe use that in conjunction with the stones. Just a thought.

Lenora NightWraith said...

I definitely agree with you about the pet leveling issue. I liked the idea of the evolutionary stones. But my first thought was actually allot like your last one, the idea of being able to level our pets through combat would be a wonderful, not to mention smart, addition to the game.

Allison DragonShard said...

Wow friendly, great idea.
Also, maybe there could be something similar to a everstone as well?

Like, if you want your pet to stay at teen, adult ext. you could put that on it, or, this everstone will make your pet stay the same rank. Though would keep learning talents. Like pokemon learn moves...

witchwarrior said...

My suggestions is that they could lvl up in racing, or in combat just like wizards.

Cheats and Crackers said...

Wolf, you're right about them wanting money. PLEASE DON'T CONTAMINATE POKEMON WITH WIZARD101!

Miguel Wildthorn said...

I just arrived in Wizard City about a month ago. Still discovering new stuff. Last night I found the xp elixer.

We could have something like that for pets, but they would be quite expensive.
I imagine it would come in stat increments: +25 Strength or +100 Power. Seems like even a +25 stat boost should cost at least 1,500 crowns.
One of the problems is how that impacts the price of snacks. It's at least $75,000 gold for snacks from Ancient to Epic? So, it's not as simple as bypassing the time invested in mini-games. It's got to be a combo of Age + snack cost + Energy refill + penalty for taking the quick and easy route.

Miguel Wildthorn said...

@Allison DragonShard
Also, maybe there could be something similar to a everstone as well?
Like, if you want your pet to stay at teen, adult ext. you could put that on it, or, this everstone will make your pet stay the same rank. Though would keep learning talents.

That would complete break the design of the system.

If people could continue to train Talents and stats for 4 EP per game, the pets would have to be permanently FIXED at Teen and forever unable to use the Hatchery.
And that would also mean they never get any cards given at Adult, Ancient and Epic.

Have to keep the balance of the design of the entire system in mind.

Fallon Deathslinger said...

I love the idea and also think they should add side quests that give our pets xp.