Friday, October 16, 2009

How do I earn the phat cash?

Got a question here from Timothy Darkstone:
can you reccomend a way to get a lot of gold?

Heya Timothy! Well, it's kind of a tough one to answer because I'm not really sure of your level or what your character is capable of doing; however, I can give you some general advice and the most common methods out there.

1- Don't get a house. Sell all housing items in the bazaar. Don't carry anything more than the clothes on your back. Sell all pets. Sell all unneeded treasure cards. Go with the bare essentials.

Yeah. Where's the fun in that? /shrug I mean, you usually want money so you can buy stuff, right?

Well, when I was going to college I had this crazy professor who was a minimalist. This basically meant that he owned nothing more than what would fit in his backpack. He didn't own a house. He didn't own much more than a few pairs of clothes. He kind of felt like he was freed up because of that. He didn't have any attachments and so he was more "free."

College is great isn't it? You get to meet absolutely insane people who are wicked smart. It's a good time.

So, virtually, if you do this, you won't have to spend money on a house or stitching or waste your time having a bank that you dip into. You'll be making money on everything that isn't what you wear. If you actually look at what you have in your pack, you'll find you actually have a lot of capital, meaning your character is worth a lot more than you realized. If you're truly strapped for gold, and it's all you really want, then sell off everything you can. There's hidden money in them there backpacks!


2- Find a higher level boss that's easy for you to farm. The big one use to be Oyotomi the Defiler. He's a wraith in the Village of Sorrow. He's right out in the open, meaning you don't need to go into an instance to fight him . . . meaning you don't need to be in any particular part of your progression to get to him.

He's a death boss, so his damage is low. You just have to stack him up with traps and blades and you're good to go. He only has 2300 health.

If you're low level and playing the free game, well . . . there's always the Kraken. :-)

3- Raven$.

At the end of Grizzleheim you'll find four ravens that have 4200 health each. It's best to do this with three or four people, but I've had people tell me they have duo'd or solo'd these guys. It's rare though and it goes a lot faster with four wizards.

You want to know why these guys are the phatest farm in the game? Take a look!

You're pretty much guaranteed that four items will drop each time. Some of them will sell for $1000 gold if it's got an expensive coloring to it (like light blue). Get a group of people and work out the fastest way to kill these guys and do it over and over and over. You'll be swimming in cash in no time.

4- If you're rich and only if you're rich (like rich in real life), spend your real money for game money. It's a horrible return on your investment. It's honestly the biggest ripoff to trade crowns for gold. I would never recommend it to anyone that isn't a millionaire, and even then it's like . . . dude, just play the game. However, if you have a lot of real world cash . . . bottom's up! At the best rate of purchase, which is $1 real money to 750 crowns, 95 bucks will max your gold . . . you know, the price of a bottle of Ch√Ęteau Rayas Chateauneuf du Pape Blanc 2003. Gratz on being upper crust.

5- Crafting. There's a wonderful article that you need to read over on Diary of a Wizard by a guest writer named Oran DayGem. Click me, click me now! Oran walks you through crafting for profit. Good stuff. Personally though, I find this to take a lot of knowing what the heck you're doing. You need to sell at the right time and know which items are going to make you the most money.

6- level to 50. Not only will you make bank just from doing the quests and fighting everything in the game, but now there's a prize at the end of the tunnel. It's called the Briskbreeze Tower. I was just in this tower today and I noticed something awesome. On most floors I was getting over 100 gold per floor. I think you're pretty much guaranteed $1000 gold by the time you finish the tower and sell off the prizes. I still think Raven$ is a better farm, but this is a great way to mix it up IMHO.

7- Find a route and farm the nodes. For instance, I was in an area in mooshu today and I was looking for the elusive Black Lotus spawn. I found a good route here that not only had black lotus, but also a couple treasure chests along the way. If you're just up for some running around, you need to find a route that you can run and farm multiple items in exactly one minute. You do this and then immediately jump to another server and run the same route backwards. Wash, rinse, and repeat. Owning a mount is great for doing this. Not only will you beat the walking people to the nodes (not that I condone racing to nodes mind you), but you'll be able to cover more ground and pick up even more nodes along the way.

If those don't work, there's always minigames. ;-)

And that's pretty much all I can think of at the moment without delving into hacks and macro programs that could get you banned from the game if you get caught.

I'm sure my readers may also have some suggestions. Please readers, if you know a good way to make money that I haven't listed here, leave it and let us know!

Happy Dueling!


Jessica said...

I must say, THAT IS THE AWESOMENESS POST YOU'VE POSTED SO FAR! I need cash, fast, fast fast! BTW, you could always farm Baron Mordecai! I've killed him off 20-25times already. It's fun, and everyone in your friends list will teleport to you. (He also gives out level 45 items that get you a TON of cash in the bazaar.)

Grayson said...

FARM EASY BOSSES! I can't enforce this enough. What I do to get gold fast you say? I like to do what I like to call "The Roundup". Basicly, I farm various bosses on select characters to get 3-8 pages in my backpack, sell what I can't move to another character, and go around and gather up all the stuff I CAN move and move it to the character that I want to get something for. Some bosses I like to do are, Kraken, Lord Nightshade, the royal trio in Colossus Boulivard, Alicane Swiftarrow, maybe in Sunken City and the Emporoer's Retreat if I feel brave and I have a friend or two with me, the Halloween Towers, Krokenkahmen, the whole instance of Krokopatra, and maybe a few here and there in Marleybone. That's all I have right now and I think I'm running out of space, so, See ya in the Spiral!

Anonymous said...

While the REGULAR way of converting Crowns to Gold is a total rip-off, there is a better way: Crowns items. I personally use Bodkin of the Hearty. It only costs 595 Crowns, and sells for around 1,300 gold. that means that, with a $10 gift card, I can buy 8 Bodkins, making about 10,000 gold, with, some Crowns left over for stitching and a good pet too. If you buy a card just to get the pet, thisis a good use for the extra Crowns.

stingite said...

Hey! Cool tip, anon!

Stephen said...

Great post! I am always, always dying for cash, and with the information you've provided I'm hoping to change that. Thanks for the guide!

Anonymous said...

Well this requires a bit of effort, but to my knowledge it is not a hack, nor a scheme. You create a new character super fast, just click ok to everything the headmaster says without reading it, and click ok to any name or clothing item that pops up on your screen. Dont do the tutorial. As soon as you can, teleport to your dorm and put everything in your shared bank. Do this repeatedly. Then, go on as the character you want to add the money to, take all the items out of the shared bank and sell them. If you do it 10 times youll get a little over 400 gold. It takes some time though. I saw this on a youtube vid.