Monday, May 31, 2010

Freaking Out for the Crab Pet!!

Yes my friends, the entire Wizard101 world is freaking out for the crab pet right now. It's the amazing new discovery that has everyone GOING INSANE AND POPPING RIGHT OUT OF THEIR EXOSKELETONS!

I first heard about it earlier this morning when I was derby'ing, and I got a tell asking if I wanted to go farm for the crab pet. I had to log off, but it had me kind of scratching my head. Crab pet? hmmm?

*Time passes*

A few hours later, I log on and I must have gotten 3 tells in the span of ten seconds that basically said, "HAVE YOU GOT THE NEW CRAB PET?!" The last of the three tells happened to be one Fallon Shadowblade (I think Kestrel was another one of those tells . . . it's kind of a blur . . .). So I port to Fallon and sure enough, she's looking dapper with her new crab pet. Check it out! Baby Zeus rocks!

The next thing I know I'm on a farming spree with Kyle, Bailey, Cassandra, Kyle Firesword, Blaze Mistshard, etc. etc. etc.


But wait . . . I'm telling a story here.

I got my crab! Woot! The "Crabling" pet dropped for Thomas Lionblood on about his third try. LOL.

Five minutes to hatch and comes with a card of Summon Storm Minion.

And now.

The location.

of said Crabling pet.




Reed over at Central knows!


it's in the Ancient Burial Grounds from the Crazed Forest Spirit.


Happy Dueling!


Alric Ravensinger said...

Woohoo! I'm going for my second crabling now :)

Kevin BattleBlood said...

Got 3 on this should've gone to each Ronan and Heather Emeraldflame for helping me...but, all will be raised in the name of the Project!

Jacob Thundersword said...

No, I haven't unlocked that part of the wiz would yet.

Connor Mistblade said...

Me and Edward tried farming for it yesterday, but I had to leave at some points. Edward altogether farmed the boss 72 times and still no luck well we are going to farm him again today and Alric your magic dust did not work.:)

Paul Legend weaver said...

I am still farming for it,and man it takes a while, I can't wait till I get it though.

Isaac Mistheart said...

I farmed him for two hours and nothing.
me mad at oakheart/crazed forest spirit.

Anonymous said...

wow ... it looks so cool! i wonder if there's a seraph pet too around the spiral..

Cody skyrider said...

Woot i remember farming with fallon when she got EPIC CRAB i srsly freaked out.

Its epic.

I got this morning to my horrible luck of not getting while farming past midnight.

Why me?


cody sky rider said...

I remember me and fallon farming this myth. I thought it really was a myth and then fallon got



I must have.

So we farmed ReALLY all night and all my friends got it.

Except me.

Wow. i am the most unlucky person ingame.

Really i still dont have my grand boots.

Anyway I just got this morning.

I wish i could name it its real name.


Outstanding Allen said...

I tried farming this for at least an hour and got mad. On the bright side I got a Myth Leprechaun from Kanago.

12th Nightmare said...

I farmed this for about an hour last night, but no dice. I did get a new hat, though.

travis emeraldspear said...

i got it on my 5th try :-)

The Active Necromancer said...

I have farmed it 123 times still no soap :(

Alyssa Griffinrider said...

hi i"ve heard allot about your site from blaze xD sadly i dont think i can get this awesome pet. darnit. anyway you got a great site so keep up the good work.:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom! Long time no see, I can understand that you needed more space on your friends list, but is there any chance we could meet up again, now that I'm more active? I need to get through more of MB now Dx

Michael said...

Those 5 hours sure were worth it! :P

Anonymous said...

By any chance, did Fallon Fall on a black knife?

P said...

It's taking me over 20 tries and I STILL HAVENT GOTTEN IT yet.

Anonymous said...

Sweet!!! I haven't gotten it yet...
I've farmed with three friends all night for two nights and N-O-T-H-I-N-G... Were really mad!!!

Gabriel Deathwielder said...

Grrr... Don't have mooshu yet!!! And I really wanted it too...:-(

seth deathmancer said...

I recently got my third crab. I am planning of filling a whole room of my house with crabs once i get enough.

Anonymous said...

i accidantly ( or however you spell that) got in the battle trying to get the chest behind him and got the crab in my first accidental battle :)