Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Wizard101 Press Release (and Homework in a Graveyard plug)

Homework in a Graveyard did an excellent job of recreating the press release, so I'm not going to republish it here. It is very exciting news, so definitely go check it out. I'm hoping these cards may get implemented someday soon.

While you're over there, scroll down to this thread where Autumn Duskhunter (the keeper of said awesome blog) gives a breakdown of a really cool idea she had to expand the dueling circles.

(photoshop or not, Autumn, that's a pretty cool way to visualize a playing field)

I don't know, but I see "raid" potential with this idea. Imagine a group of 12 wizards taking on a dragon titan for loot that is better than any loot ever dropped in game before. Malistaire loot? HAHAHAHA! I laugh at your measly Malistaire loot!

(obviously not real . . . KI send me your font file! ;-))

Putting aside any technical aspects of how to actually come up with a raid for Wizard101 . . . Here's what I want to know from my readers, what do you think a raid encounter would do to this game?

Thanks in advance for you comments!

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

Could you please define "raid"? I've played pen & paper RPGs for a couple of decades but W101 is my first online game.

Anonymous said...

D'oh! Just noticed you already did, with a wiki link. To quote an old Gilda Radner character, "Never mind..."

Autumn Duskhunter said...

Thanks for the kindness, Friendly! Mayber "raids" ought become the "next step". Although, not necessarily for "storyline" quests, but as an optional, (like Sunken City, or Kensington Park), that would be impressive indeed! Oh, and "sign me up" for one of those Uber Cloaks, lol.

Tesh said...

Isn't that three levels of four players each in the visualization? That's 12, not 16. Nitpick aside, that would be a cool way to set up a bigger encounter.

Would "target all" spells only work on a single "tier" though?

stingite said...

@Tesh: thanks! Changed to 12.

Yeah, I think it'd have to be tier based. Bartleby would just be too overpowered. ;-) Not that it isn't already.