Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kraysys has shoes for me

You may remember when Yeva was holding my hat hostage. If not, here's a refresher link. Ahhh, don't you feel refreshed now? Now we have a new enemy to talk about, Kraysys.

He's holding my shoes hostage. This is something I've been putting off for a long time. (It's kind of like this in real life for me too. I usually end up wearing the same pair of shoes for way too long.) I mean, my current shoes are pretty nice, but these here are *the* shoes. You know?

So, I have to say thank you to everyone who has been helping me try to get these shoes. Among others, it's been nice hanging out with Amanda Pixiewhisper (the evil goddess of pink) while farming these up! It's not every day you get to hang with the countess.

And, thanks to all the balance wizards helping me out, I was able to crack 12k again with a wraith while farming this dude. (I so love the balance wizards.)

. . . and then there's this kind of stuff going on . . .

Blaze earned points while farming, yes, but yet . . . I have not earned my shoes.

*cue violin*

And so I continue farming. Time and time again I've tried with you, Kraysys, and yet you will not relent. *sob* Oh sure, he gives Kyle Skystaff two pairs of my shoes, but not me! *trails off into inconsolable crying* THE PAIN! Why, Kraysys? Why? I thought we had something . . . You're punishing me aren't you? I'm being punished for getting my Malistaire robes on the first try. *tears*


Ok, I'm done.

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

He's holding my shoes hostage too, perhaps this calls for an in game meet up after my vacation?

-Sean E.

The Awesomeness and Hot Grandmaster Necromancer said...

Haha Friendly, you'll get them xD
I'd be glad to help you anytime.

~ Olivia GhostCatcher

Alex SandStone said...

One of those balane wizards was me. :) Love to help ya anytime.

-Alex SandStone

stingite said...

Yes sir, yes it was! And I do believe it were your blades that put that 12k wraith there. :) thanks for the help, Alex.

Countess Shadowbane said...

Ah what an excellent night - thanks for the fun! I only regret that my wicked luck was not enough for you to score your boots. Revenge will be ours muhahaha!

Sierra Starsong said...

My hubby Necromancer is still cheesed off at me for getting the Big Three - ring, athame and robe - in our first two Malistaire runs and he has yet to get any of them after run #8.

Cheats and Crackers said...
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Amber StarGem said...

Hey friendly! Kraysys has my boots too. (like sean) and maybe when sean gets back all three of us (another wizard maybe) can all try and farm. But maybe not like right now or tomorrow cause I am super sick! I'm typing on my I pod touch so im SO BORED! So bye!

- Amber StarGem

Alex SandStone said...

Yeah, I think you hit 12K 2 times, and Amanda got 12K once. Helping is what I do. No problem. :)

-Alex SandStone