Thursday, July 16, 2009

J. Todd Coleman's Twitters

So there were a few really interesting twitters from J. Todd Coleman yesterday and the day before . . . let's look at them, shall we?

The first to come across was this one:
just finished presenting a new combat prototype to bigwigs... turned out pretty cool, actually!

Of course, I was ALL over that and basically twittered back asking what kind of new combat prototype, hehe. You know, inquiring minds want to know . . . to which he responded simply:
@FriendlyNecro ooooh, no, I'm waaay out there in the ether now. i'm exploring stuff you guys may not see for years ;p

Oh I so don't know how to read that wink! Do you know how to read that wink? I so don't know how to read that wink.

Next was this twitter:
on loan to tom hall's project this morning, let's get these meetings going. who's bringing the breakfast tacos?

Very interesting! J. Todd went to go help on the super secret "second project" from Kingsisle. Right now all we know about the super secret "second project" is this from here:

Wizard101 has been so great, that I can't wait to see what the next MMO they produce will be. Any ideas?

Then we got this twitter:
testing co-operative CCG rules in the wizard universe., 4-on-1 against a humongofrog. eek!

What do you guys make of that message? Testing rules, 4-on-1 . . . against a humongofrog? Is he talking about an offline card game? But he says, "in the wizard universe." Could that be a card game within the card game? Or simply some new rules for cooperative play within the game itself?

And finally there was this gem:
is wondering if the harry potter movie is going to result in a influx of new wizard101 players

LOL, well, I certainly don't think it will hurt Wizard101 that's for sure! I can't wait to go see the new Harry Potter! Of course, you can't take a little 2 week old kid and just prance into a boomingly loud theater now, can you . . . *sigh* parenthood, you gotta love it. :-)

Leave your opinions on these interesting twitters from the creator of Wizard101 here. I'd love to talk about a few of those with you!

Happy Dueling!


Silverheart said...

WHAT new MMO!!! I just got into KT I hope that people won't stop playing W101 jsut for the new one!

Autumn Duskhunter said...

I want breakfast tacos, too.

stingite said...

I've heard of breakfast burritos, but never breakfast tacos. Must be a Texas thing.