Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beckett's most recent info on Wizard101

The new issue of the Beckett Massive Online Gamer magazine was delivered to me today! Let me first, just give a plug to Stephanie Morrow (who I admire very much for her dedication to writing and gaming) who writes the Wizard101 related articles for this magazine. She's a hard worker and a great writer. Wizard101 couldn't ask for a better article writer from this magazine. I could be biased of course, since I think her blog rocks! (especially if you're a fan of everquest) The article itself won't tell dyed-in-the-wool fans like us much new information, but it's a great sales pitch for the game. Nice work, Stephanie.

Secondly, Do not miss the editorial director's blurb on page 8 where he talks about visiting the Kingsisle offices. Seriously, this is a don't miss blurb.

Doug Kale talks about his visit to Austin, Texas. (A trip I've wanted to make for a long time . . . just like Quinn did.) It's amazing how Doug fails to name Professor Greyrose's name (ms. Kiersten Samwell) in the article . . . she's only referred to as one of the two community managers. gasp!

Doug talks about the pictures on the walls of the Kingsisle offices. He mentions being rushed past the door to the area where Kingsisle is making their second project. He talks about watching a room full of employees creating the Grizzleheim content. He talks about being ushered to a sound recording studio and even getting the opportunity to become the voice for Ironsplinter in Grizzleheim. I'm telling you, these seven paragraphs are GOLD.

Apparently there are to be some pictures of Doug's visit put up at soon, but I could not find them there tonight for the life of me.

Thirdly, on page 33 there is a one time use code for an Umbra Sword in game item. This sword gives you 5 cards of a 75 damage death spell. I decided to load that puppy up on The Evil Twin.

Seriously cool stuff there. Every once in a while a purple flash will run from the hilt to the tip of the blade. Love it. It's a great sword for your low characters to be sure.

**Buyer beware: this does look awesome . . . but you should know it casts like a wand. You don't attack with it like a mooshu sword**

Thanks all and I hope you get to check out the magazine!

Happy Dueling!


Stargrace said...

Glad you liked the latest issue - unfortunately all of the information about the new zone, crafting, bazaar, etc came out a smidge too late to make it into that article (written about three months prior, as is the case with magazines of this nature) but the next issue will delve into those things in much more detail!

Happy gaming!

Isaiah Spelldust said...

I am going to get an issue now!

Anonymous said...

I subscribed about a month ago I hope I get a copy of the issue soon.

Maira DreamRiver said...

I hope I get my mag then. I ordered it about a month ago. *Crosses fingers*

stingite said...

buyer beware . . . this sword doesn't swing like the mooshu and dragonspyre swords . . . it casts like a wand.