Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Advertising on this Site

Hey all,

I was clued in today on some questionable advertising that popped up on my site. Let me just say THANK YOU! You know, some RPG's just portray females so . . . inappropriately. If you guys see some advertising on my site that is questionable, please take a cue from the man, the legend, the myth, JESTER, and let me know about it. I can definitely block this advertising.

Of course, despite my seemingly large site traffic (it's really not that large . . . believe me), this advertising is netting me . . . pretty much next to nothing. I *should* just take this advertising off of my site completely and not worry about it. Actually, if Kingsisle wants to pick up my site and buy the advertising space, I'll be more than happy to work with you! ;-) (a guy can dream can't he?)

The original plan was to donate any funds from advertising to charity. I was particularly drawn to two charities: One I've talked about before. The other I found from a few Internet searches. Unfortunately, the first charity is pretty costly, and the second charity really only blossoms once a year around Christmas time.

And then of course, sometimes I just feel selfish. I'm human. It would be cool to be paid for what you do. Maybe someday, eh?

Thanks everyone for understanding!


Happy Dueling!


Tesh said...

On advertising in general, I've avoided letting it slip in at my place. I don't want the static. To each their own, though. I have AdBlockPlus for Firefox. If I don't want to see it, it's gone. :)

On gaming portrayal of women, well... it's pretty bad on the whole. I work in games, and it's one thing that I'm always embarrassed about when people find out what I do for a living. I'm an artist, and I refuse to create that sort of thing, but skank has a way of tainting things around it.

It's one of those "minor crusades" that I spend time on once in a while; trying to change the industry from the inside by encouraging modesty and true maturity, not the Orwellian ESRB definition of the word.

Anonymous said...

um I saw one of those ads on your site again, which advertises EVONY. Whatever that is.