Saturday, July 4, 2009

Regeant Locations--Savarstaad Pass

Ok, so . . . I was talking with Evil Theurgists tonight over at Central, and he had taken my request to make a regeant locations map and ran with it. He had put together a map for one of the Digmoore Station locations (I think Hyde Park if I remember right). We may actually start taking this project on. Actually, if we could get a lot of people to chip in, that would be amazing.

So, I spent an hour or so running around Savarstaad Pass tonight and while I was running around, I had my graphics program open on the side. Anytime I found a reagent, I would open up the map and mark the location.

This is what I came up with.

Obviously I didn't catch everything, but I gave it a good shot.

What do you think?

Joe (Evil Theurgists) and I thought that if the community pitched in and everyone spent some time putting maps like this together, we'd end up with a fantastic resource.

Happy Dueling!


The Evil Theurgists said...

NICE lol I just got little color coded dots lol

ps Knights court half way

Autumn Duskhunter said...

Great idea! Maybe, perhaps a legend for the visually impaired?

stingite said...

Your wish is my command!

Silverheart said...

Just inside the dark cave (if you are entering from firecat allie) on the right side there is ore but sometimes it gives you 3 ore (or in my case) 2 ore and a dimend

The Evil Theurgists said...

Thank you Silverheart We will get to it as quickly as possiable we will have constant updates at the link below

ali said...

What's the tree root thing?