Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Onward to Grandmaster-dom!!

Kyle and Amber are now sitting at 49th level, hmmmm, about 49th and this much:

In Everquest we used to call those sections of an exp bar "bubs," short for bubbles because the segmented sections had more of a bubbly appearance. So 49th and about 3 bubs.

Both have quest logs with all kinds of side quests hanging out that they skipped, plus there's always Grizzleheim and a few instances they skipped, so it's not an impossible task by any means.

. . . just a time consuming one . . . but the Grandmaster title calls and I must answer!

Here's a few screenshots from this mornings' questing:

The next frame of this picture would be the storm lord applying some underarm deodorant I think. A storm lord must remain fresh while laying the smack down.

I believe our storm lord here is pondering the taste of fried frog legs. Delicious or scary?

And of course, mushrooms, flowers, and healing rainbow bits can only mean one thing . . . my mother's curtain set from the 70's paid a visit.

Happy Dueling!


Silverheart said...

so they did their Malister fights?

Sierra Starsong said...

Mmm, frog legs! Texture like chicken, taste like white fish. Great, now I'm hungry...

Jessica said...

Congrats on advance!

12th Nightmare said...

Soon you'll have 3 Grandmasters. That's a lot of dedication, Thomas.

My main is gradually approaching level 40. At the rate I'm going, I'll probably hit 50 before I fight the big M.

stingite said...

Yeah. They beat malistaire a few weeks ago ... Crazy I didn't post about it.

(embarassed that I spelled "to" wrong in my title ... Um, all fixed now!)

witchwarrior said...

Yay 4 Amber and Kyle!
I wnder what they look like when they wear Malistare robes!
So happy! ^.^

Alex said...

Wow, I'm at the exact same level as them. Even the "bubs" progress is the same. Weird how coincidences are.