Friday, July 17, 2009

Is there an adults-only group for Wizard101?

I just got a question from twitter that basically asked how adults could meet up for contests and questing and the like.

Well, I remembered that there was one I had read about on Wizard101 Central called Wizened Wizards.

. . . BUT . . . it's looking like this guild/thread is now closed. You might have some luck contacting Lady Nightowl directly over there.

So, question for my readers . . . do you know of any other adult-only guilds or organizations? I haven't heard.

Thanks in advance for your responses!

Happy Dueling!

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Savannah said...

Great blog Friendly! :)

Wow...honorable mention for WW!

For any adults that are interested in joining, the thread is no longer closed. It may close temporarily at times for one reason or another, but it's not permanent. ;)

Happy Wizarding!

aka Savannah SpriteFlame