Friday, July 17, 2009

Cartoon Network Pets

Last night I was watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix with my wife, and all of a sudden Kyle Skystaff and Amber Deathsong come TEARING into the room screaming, "DAAAADDDDYYYY!!!!" They began to then tell me between gasps that if you watched the Galatic Battle D&P Pokemon marathon tomorrow on Cartoon Network, that there would be a code given for a free pet!

. . . and it's true!

1- Verified by Todd Coleman in a twitter today (thanks Starsongky)
2- On the main website here
3- Also posted on Diary of a Wizard and Rogue Wizard.
4- Also posted about on youtube by Potterplus.

So, if you're digging the Galactic battle Pokemon series (which we love at my house), be sure to watch!

. . . and I'm sure if you don't *someone* *somewhere* will have a code to share.

Note: It's also sounding like the codes will only work between 18-20 July 2009 btw.

Happy Dueling!

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jakov98 said...

hey man i am a huge player of wiz101 and you said you would post the knew pet codes but you NEVER DID! WHAT ARE THEY LZ TELL!