Saturday, July 11, 2009

How do I disguise a life wizard in pvp?

Interesting question here from Brooke DawnCloud:
username=Brooke DawnCloud :D
Question=I am a life wizard, and i always get
killed first in arena. I don't have
enough money to dye my clothes, so is
there another way to make me not look
like a life wizard?

Hmmm. Good question. Well, at least your name doesn't have the word "healing" or "pixie" or anything healer'y in it. It's too bad your name isn't something that sounds more like another class. Like Brooke Stormweaver or Brooke Hexblood. Names can be a dead giveaway.

Let's see . . . I got it! How about if you use a treasure card from a different class that would normally be a locked spell (meaning you can't get that spell by choosing that class as a secondary). The damage might give you away though.

Tempest would be a good one since everybody is usually busy putting up storm shields and you can't really buy that at a library. Actually tempest is your best bet since you can cast it early. It's a much better choice than say a poison treasure card from a necromancer.

I don't know outside of that. Good question. Hey readers! Do you have any ideas on how to disguise your life wizard outside of these and given the clothing restrictions?

Happy Dueling!


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Silverheart said...

Heres what I did with my life wizard (before I deleted her) I first off made her look like the way people picture a storm of death wizard then go goth with her if you don't have the gold for that heres the other thing ya do make death or storm your secondary school but use thouse spells more offten than your own houses spells.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea! In the verry begining of making the clothes and stuff of your life wizard, make the colors different... like storm or death or myth or whatever color. BUT if u didnt think about that before then dont join pvp matches intil you can get enough gold? just a thought...

Anonymous said...

Disguise yourself as an ice wizard.

White is the cheapest thing to dye your clothes to, and if you use some ice armor treasure cards, nobody will be able to tell how many of your power pips went into it. But make sure you're heavily defended before you heal someone, as the other team'll turn on you like angry hyenas.

Anonymous said...

You could get the commander's boots and Vindicator hat & robe, and stitch them to your regular clothes, and also dye them Death School colors :P

Calamity said...

Well I dye my clothes blue and black, because I figured I have enough health to pass for Ice.