Friday, July 3, 2009

Brand new Wizard101 Poll - Transportation!

Hello all,

Jester has a poll going over at Wizard101 Central that comes from the developers of Wizard101. They want to know what kind of transportation you would like to ride in the game.

Go check it out on this thread.

The choices are as follows:
- motor vehicle
- magic carpet
- unicorn / horse
- dragon
- other pet
- speed boots
- none
- other
What would you say and why?

Happy Dueling!


Makenziewaterflower said...

wow that's so cool, i say we ride dragons.

Amber StarGem said...

dragons definitly

Silverheart said...

Umm I'm for 2 things motercycals and dragons

stingite said...

It's kind of like ... Duh, give us the dragons ... But I would like unicorns as an option because I'm just cheesy like that.

Autumn Duskhunter said...

Ok, as a refugee from WoW, I'd say definitely not motorcycles, (as cool as that would be). And the *did* specify "ground mount", so that makes Dragons kinda hamstrung. So, I voted "other", and put "spider", because I'm off-kilter like that.

The Wizard in Black and Blue said...

I would say other and say ghosts. Thats right we ride on ghosts or skelektal people

eric firesword said...

HECKHOUND! wouldnt that be awesome?

AshleyDuskhunter said...

why would a wizard want to go and use a motor vehicle or motorcycle those are so modern day. I would go with either the UNICORN or DRAGON.

Bye Friendly,
Ashley Duskhunter

Anonymous said...

I think each school should have its own pet.Like Fire rides a Heckhound,Storm rides on the back of a Kraken or Stormzilla,Ice rides an Ice Wyvern, Myth rides an Orthrus,Life rides a Centaur,and as for Death...idk. Maybe Death could ride some type of Death Dragon.

Mistreva said...

I have two choices :
A horse and a dragon :D

Anonymous said...

They're missing an obvious choice for wizardly transport - brooms!