Monday, July 6, 2009

Player Trading Card of the Day--Tristan Lightwalker

Hello readers!

Today's Player Card of the day is another Death student!

I like Tristan's advice to not rush though the game. This reminds me a bit of an interesting interview with J. Todd Coleman:

Wizard 101 : J. Todd Coleman Interview - Wizard 101 for PC at MMORPG.COM: "Of course! I'd love to have a magical content machine, so that we could release new worlds with the push of a button. Unfortunately, new content takes time. To produce one spell requires a pipeline of half a dozen people and over a man month of effort... there is a reason why most MMOs take four to five years to come to market."

I hear a lot of people talking about how quickly they beat this content that just came out. Tristan's advice is well taken.

Thanks and Happy Dueling!

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