Saturday, July 11, 2009

What do disarm and infection do?

I've got a couple spell questions here from our friend, Silverheart:
Question=I've got two queshtons. the
first is I have a spell called disarm
it's a storm spell I've tried useing
it on a few undead just to see what
happend nothing happend and also
what does infecion do i got one the
other day when the death tree was
giveing them out for free.

Here are the cards in question:

This is a storm spell that's been in the game since the beginning. It's purpose is to remove a blade spell or healing boost from your target. You know, those cool spinning orbs around your opponents head. Cast that and the blade goes bye bye. Personally I think storm wizards got the short end of the stick with that utility spell. Look how cool the fire wizard version of that spell is.

This is one of the reasons why fire wizards win over balance wizards in pvp. Balance wizards buffing their judgement spell against a fire wizard is just giving the fire wizard free ammunition. I'd much rather steal a charm than bust it.

This is a brand new death card in the game (available from Mortis the death tree) that casts a debuff on your target. It is consumed when the player (or creature) casts a healing spell. Their healing spell will then be at 50% effectiveness . . . just like it was cast under the hood of a doom and gloom aura.

Infection is very specific where as doom and gloom is an over sweeping effect. You'll notice both of these spells have no affect on death school wizards. It's because we drain life not heal. That's a distinction that makes these spells ineffective against us.

Hope that answers your questions and gives you a better idea how those cards work in relation to other cards!

Happy Dueling!

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Silverheart said...

ahh who cares I don't really use blades so why take one I'm not gonna use. thanks for the awnser.