Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Maintenance, PvP Points and Bazaar Pricing

Professor Greyrose would like you all to know the following information!

Wizard101 Maintenance
Wizard101 the game will be offline during an extended maintenance period of 3am to approximately 5am Central US Time on Wednesday July 29th. During this time, players will be unable to log in to the game, and players who are in the game will be prompted to log out. During this downtime we will be addressing the following issues:

Player vs Player Points Adjustment
During the July 29th maintenance downtime, we will be adjusting the Player vs Player points.

Due to an issue with the Player vs Player ranking system, players were erroneously being awarded increased PvP points after a duel.

To resolve this issue, we decided not to reset everyone's Player vs Player points back to 500, but instead we chose to only reset those points that appear to have been incorrectly calculated.

To ensure a fair playing field, all scores above 950 have been reduced to 950. This will not affect the PvP Titles or Arena Tickets you have earned.

Bazaar Pricing Discrepancies
During the July 29th maintenance downtime, we will be addressing some of Elik's purchase prices for items that he previously was not giving full value for.

Elik promised he would give a better value for items than the regular shopkeepers, and we are holding him to his word.

After the update, if you still find an item that sells for more at the regular shopkeepers than at the Bazaar, please submit a bug report and let us know the exact item and the prices.

Happy Dueling!


witchwarrior said...

This I'm gonna like!

Shadow said...


Tesh said...

Elik will actually pay well now? That's nice, I've always thought that if they want the Bazaar to work, he'd have to pay higher prices than any other vendors, across the board.

I've been taking everything to the standard vendors except for the incredibly rare valuable drops that *aren't* flagged No Auction. (Most really good stuff is No Auction for some bizarre reason.)

brandon said...

Hope i like it.