Saturday, July 18, 2009

Reagent Map Spree--Palace of Fire, Throne Room of Fire, Ravenwood, Unicorn Way, and Wizard City Commons

Well, the test realm is awesome for collecting these node points. I echo Evil Theurgist's plea that you NOT loot the nodes this weekend while the test realm is up. It really helps with making these maps. In the time that it usually takes me to make one or two maps, I made five. . . . and three of those are the most farmed areas of the game since they are the newbie areas.

Once again, if you have any corrections to these maps, let me know!

Happy Dueling!


frogfairy4 said...
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Anonymous said...

can you show me where to find scrap iron

Tom said...

I am indebted to you good sir, may your reagents be ever spawning!

Grandmaster T.Lifecrafter