Friday, July 24, 2009

Cyclops Treant Sighting! GASP!

So I was riding a train at a local amusement park when we choo choo'd past this amazing tree. It might just be that I've finally flipped my lid (don't laugh about that "finally" part), but I'm thinking I see a woman cyclops here

Do you see it? No?

How about now?

Still no?

So it got me to thinking, how come we haven't seen any female treants or cyclops in this game? Or female treant cyclops? hmm? I guess there is the Dryad, but that doesn't count does it? I think I may be on to something here, Kingsisle!

Nature is surely telling us something here . . . you got to admit this is better than the Michael Jackson tree image sighting, right?

um . . .

Happy Dueling?


12th Nightmare said...

Congratulations, Thomas.
I hope your wife will soundly chastise you and send you to bed without any Mana for creating an image that is sure to retard the sleep of your kids for years to come.

"Good Old-Fashioned Nightmare Fuel", indeed.

SmallestStorm: Spiral Matriarch said...

LOL I totally saw it before I scrolled I swear! The stump thing is depressing... I work in, and live near stockton. OMG I think my IQ just dropped for admitting it!

Ian Silverflame said...

Excellent work. Not many people have the ability to sneak up on them in their natural habitat like that, especially from a train!

Matthew Willowblossom said...

That's AWESOME! Just wondering why would you be looking at trees at an amusement park... Personally, I look at the rides ;)

stingite said...

@12th: LOL . . . I think I'll hide this post from them then.

@smalleststorm: YES! Another true believer in the female treant cyclops sighting!

@Ian Silverflame: ROFL!

@Matthew: well that particular part of the train ride is just woodsy . . . I wonder what would happen if I jumped out of the train and pasted some lips, eye, and nose on the tree. On second thought, nah, not worth getting kicked out of the park. ;-)