Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Tour Through Friendly's Crib

Well, I still have a lot of slots to fill in my house, and there's more I'd like to do with the outside, but I felt it was time to do another video.

Hope you dig this, but know that the tour is much better in person! At the time of publishing this post, the video was still processing, so quality may improve later.

(Music: Take California by Propellerheads and A Forest (tree mix) by The Cure)

Happy Dueling!


Lost said...

Lol, a maze. Awesome.

Jessica said...

Nice dude!
You seriously shoulda done that earlier! Nice maze. Your a real necromancer! Toture room.Lol. Party room after torture. Ewl!(erupts with laughter)

Autumn Duskhunter said...

It seems you reputation for Chameleons is weel deserved, lol.

Nice vid, ty.

Drakkis_Dragonia said...

NIce vid friendly. I like the maze and the toture room. Plus, you gotta have a party after.

Silverheart said...

Thanks friendly now I know how many moresarcofaguses (or how ever you spell them the things that the Krockatopians shove their dead in) I need to have all of them.

Sierra Starsong said...

The maze is a neat idea, must have been a pain to set up. How did you get that obelisk on the roof?

Luke Emeraldrider said...

I have a few questions. First what type of house is that? ( I know it's Krokotopian But when you go to the House shop in Krokotopia there are 2 houses. Is That the 1 on top or bottom. Second, How do make that awesome maze?!
-Luke Emeraldrider

stingite said...

Thanks all!

The maze was a highly expensive but fun project. The cost of the maze alone was the price of a small castle all by itself. At first I had made the maze out of shelves, but the balance tablets were much better. So I upgraded. I lost money on the upgrade, but it was worth it.

My only wish is that i could have got the spacing more how I wanted it. I actually had a more complex maze in mind, but I ran out of space.

I have to give credit to Elijah for the torture room. :-) I had set up a pillory in that spot, and he had a sinister idea . . . then it just kind of dominoed from there.

@Luke: This is the more expensive of the two Krokotopia houses.

Anonymous said...

Why does a necromancer have so many balance stuff?

stingite said...

One, they don't sell death tablets at the krok vendor.

Two, balance is the life of a "friendly" necromancer. In the immortal words of Prince, "I know from righteous I know from sin
I got 2 sides and they both friends" ;-)

witchwarrior said...

I have the same house you do! :O
For the obelisks, I almost have them all. Shadowmark has the inferno one, and she's balance like me! DX

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that you had a scroll case containing gems that were floating. Can you please tell me where to get that item? i really want one of those.