Friday, July 31, 2009

Getting Closer!

Amazingly enough, my wife actually reads my blog, and so she knows that the current goal here is to get Kyle and Amber to 50th. And on that note, she's been logging them in one at a time (mostly Kyle) and doing a few quests while the baby is napping and I'm at work. LOL! What kind of alternate dimension is this? Oh, and if you've tried to talk to her in game . . . I just barely taught her that if you press "R", you reply to someone talking to you . . .

So, Amber's exp bar is now looking like this:

Almost there! In fact, just a couple more quests in Dragonspyre would probably push that to 50. We've been doing a lot of catch-up work in Marleybone: little side quests I missed. For example, this morning I finished off the "Mugsy" line of quests and earned a fancy ball of yarn for my efforts.

this morning's quests looked a lot like this:

and this:

Then I ran over to Grand Chasm and refilled my mana bar.

The fighting there looked a lot like this:

and this:

Am I sensing a pattern here?

Happy Dueling!


Cheats and Crackers said...

Awesome, looks like I'm on the road to my third grand with Amber and Kyle, I'm about 30,000 xp away from having my third grandmaster. :) I LOVE THIS STORM WIZARD! :P

Drakkis_Dragonia said...

Great battles. I hope the best for the young ones and hope they reach level 50 very soon.

witchwarrior said...

Go Kyle & Amber!
I'd be happy to help you get your malistare robes soon!

Jessica said...

Go Kyle and Amber! They're almost there! Keep going!

Anonymous said...

I beat Marleybone WITHOUT beating Kensington. Now I'm on Moo Shu.
-Luke Emeraldrider
P.S. There is another "optional" dungeon in Krokotopia.

The Infamous Super Death Wizard said...

Colossus Boulevard, Sunken City, Tomb of the Beguiler, Grizzleheim, and Kensington Park are all optional places. You don't have to complete any of these places to progress in the main storyline. They're just there if you want to do something that's challenging.

The Infamous Super Death Wizard said...

The above comment was for Anonymous. Btw, good luck with the agony-err tediousness of leveling up Kyle and Amber :P!

Anonymous said...

Well, this is friendly! I'm at the apple store getting a new iPhone. Why? It's a long story, but basicly I jumped in a pool with my phone in my pocket. Um...ouch that hurts the pocketbook. Wish my pocketbook luck, would ya?

Silverheart said...

wow is all I can say.

Cheats and Crackers said...

WOOT! After a LOT of questing, (I went so low that I even did kensington park, I was desperate) I finally have my third grandmaster! Man, I love this game.

Best wishes to Kyle and Amber on their journey!


Jessica said...

Good luck pocketbook! Ha ha. Now your going to jump in the pool with your computer!(JK No 'fense)