Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Video from onRPG

Greyrose passed this on to the community. It is pretty cool when anyone does a feature on our game!

There's not going to be any new information in this video for my visitors, but this guy does have a pretty cool accent and is talking about Wizard101, that's gotta count for something, right?

Happy Dueling!


Quantize said...

I wish they had played more than just Wizard City before making a video highlighting and reviewing the game. They talk about "reused" landscapes, but they wouldn't know because they probably just played the free part of the game. Quite disappointing.

Isaiah Spelldust said...

Hey friendly, my blog isnt on your blogroll. . . . why?

Isaiah Spelldust said...

Just to let you know about my first ever Comic Contest!

-Anyone can enter!
-The comic has to be Wizard 101 related
-Entries can be submitted between July 22-August 13
-No run-offs of anyone elses comics!
-The winner's ( 2-3 ) will get to make a comic with me. Except YOU get to make up the theme!
- You must submit all comics to me via e-mail;
-Have fun! And relax, there's no rush in this race!

Good Luck