Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Diapermancer cartoon

These pictures that Cassandra Griffendreamer sends to me just crack me up!

I love how the horns on my hat are drooping in the first part. The shape of the baby's face is just LOL! So funny Cassandra! See all the coolness of MS Paint? So awesome. MS Paint pictures are truly an art form all their own.

Happy Dueling!


Victoria Silver said...

What a great cartoon! It made me laugh, for sure.

Autumn Duskhunter said...

Well done, Cassandra!

Cheats and Crackers said...

Hey Friendly, few nights ago, I FINALLY got that malistaire robe. :D lol Took me about forty times though. WAY longer than I wanted, but heck, I have it, and I'm content. lol I know you've got people, but idk, I'm bored a lot, and if you ever want your kraysys boots, I'll help. :) lol

Morgrim SparkleGlade said...

hi i just got my death wizard to beat malistaire last night, but i still need good clothes, can you show us your clothes so i can reference?

sdavis97 said...

Hey friendly i am trying tp ask you a question from here cause i cant find any other way. I was wondering if possibly you knew who drops the grandmaster fire boots?
It would be a big help. And i think the cartoon rocks also lol.

-Steven Soulbreaker(Grandmaster Pyromancer)

stingite said...

@C&C: cool.

@Morgrim: Yup. I will see what I can do. Check the link below as well.

@steven: Yeva Spiderkeeper has the shoes you're looking for according to this thread on the central:

Jessica said...

That cartoon is so cool! Will you teach me how to use paint like that?