Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Earthquake can't break rebirth shields?

I got a question here from a confused conjurer:

Question=Hi, I was just wondering
why earthquake can't break
absorb shields given by
rebirth? Is this a bug or is it
supposed to be this way?
Thank for helping all
wizards with questions! :)

Dear Confused, I have no idea. BUT, I sent your question on to Professor Greyrose and she in turn forwarded your question on to the QA department. Yessir, your question made it through to the top . . . and this was the response:

"Working as intended!"

On a side note, I just want you to know that all death spells that drain life completely bypass those pesky rebirth shields . . . so if you haven't considered any other counter to those shields, you might want to look into carrying a couple wraith or scarecrow cards around with you.

Happy Dueling!

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BuckBuckMew said...

I never had a problem with earthquake not taking down the absorb shields. Most specifically when I beat that evil lady in dragonspyre, those earthquake spells would knock down every shield her and her orbs could set before me.