Sunday, August 2, 2009

Crazy weekend and Grandmaster-dom /bow

Hey all! Sorry for the lack of updates this weekend; it's been crazy busy, fun, and frustrating all wrapped together as if snuggling into a sleeping bag. Let me explain .. .

First of all, the past two nights, this has been my view when I woke up:

. . . it's the inside of our tent. My kids wanted to sleep outside in the backyard, so we put up the tent and have been "roughing it." This adventure comes complete with smores cooked over our portable fire pit.

So, I usually do my updates to this blog either first thing in the morning before anyone else is awake or last thing at night when everyone is asleep on the weekends. Sleeping in a tent outside just doesn't seem conducive to my schedule.

Next item, note to self, don't attempt to go swimming with your iPhone in your pocket. Also note that the Apple Geniuses don't care to hear your sob story, they just want to take your money for a replacement phone and get you the heck out of their store. Tres note, a 2-year iPhone contract could be very expensive if you're an accident prone person. Quad note, why do they make men's swimsuits with pockets? You don't see women's swimsuits with pockets . . . what gives? This is a total conspiracy against men with too much on their minds. How many soaked iPhones and wallets do we need to present to you swimsuit makers as our evidence. HUH?! HOW MANY?!!! ;-)

And speaking of what's been overpowering my mind . . . DING 50 KYLE AND AMBER!!! WOOT!

Kyle became a grandmaster last night while finishing up the whistle-blower quests in the Crystal Grove.

Amber became a grandmaster this morning while finishing up the Marcel Meow quest in Marleybone.

Thanks to everyone who jumped in and helped with the leveling and have cheered them on from the blog here!

What's next? I'm thinking either gearing up kyle and amber or getting back to Isaiah Taleslinger and The Evil Twin. Hmm, or there's always my wife's new characters to level. /shrug Or I could finally take Thomas Lionblood through Grizzleheim and do the crafting quests. So much to do. I guess we'll just see where the wind of fun blows us!

Happy Dueling!


Matthew Willowblossom said...

Congrats Amber and Kyle!

Silverheart said...


Outstanding Allen said...


Iridian said...

GRATZ Amber & Kyle! ^_^

Lost said...

I believe the pockets are for money clips, and keys. But I could be mistaken, lol. Sorry bout your iPhone.

Congrats on the leveling up to 50, I'd be there myself, but my subscription is on hiatus. I only had 5 more levels to go. >.<

Oh well.

witchwarrior said...

You 2 finally made it!
I'm making a present for you guys! to celebrate

Jessica said...

Congrats!OH YEAH! PARTAY PARTAY PARTAY! Also, Try to get some iphone insurance. It's gonna help.

Cheats and Crackers said...

Sweet man! Congratz Kyle and Amber!

I also got my storm to grandmaster about two days ago. :D


(Kyle and Amber, don't forget to tell Mommy and Daddy THANK YOU!)

(Especially Daddy)

Sean EmeraldWeaver said...

I FEEEL you PAIN, Thomas! I jumped into a pool fully clothed with my nokia 6085 and now it is toast! I FEEL YOUR PAIN! TTYL!


12th Nightmare said...

My sorcerer is still 7.5 levels away from grandmaster.

Anonymous said...

The point of pockets in men's swimsuits is to hold women's stuff.