Friday, May 1, 2009

Housing Item(s) of the day--Yellow Silk Kimono and Imperial Statue

This morning I had a quick trip to the Jade Palace in Moo Shu to see what the Jade Oni would give me for decoration purposes. The Yellow Silk Kimono here is just sitting off to the left as you enter the palace.

This, like the brain jar and the unicorn statue, is a limit 1 item.

Something interesting happened this time when I looted the kimono though . . . something seems to have changed on the test realm since the last patch. After I looted the kimono, it did not disappear (as I talked about with the lynx picture). This time it stayed, and I received the "hey dude, your backpack is too full" message from Mr. Lincoln EVEN THOUGH MY BACKPACK HAD PLENTY OF SPACE.

It appears to me that Kingsisle is trying to figure out a way to make the items stay while letting you loot it at the same time. I like that! The rough edges just need to be smoothed, eh? Either way, this makes a fantastic side barrier for my island.

While we were in the jade palace, Kyle Skystaff and myself decided to pay a visit to our old friend the Jade Oni. On the first round, the Jade Oni coughed up a big chunk of cement in the shape of a moodha monk. It's the imperial statue!

Have fun collecting the housing items of the day!

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

Nice kimono, looks like the one from the live realm's girl's dorm room. (Moolinda must have decorated the girls' dorm, it's got a definite MooShu vibe.)

Now, if they would just let us place items on the parapet around our house's world gate! I'd love to put candles or a welcome mat at the top of the ramp, and an ice plaque over the door.

Michael said...

Cool stuff. I just wonder when they're going to release the housing on the live realm. It's obvious they're preparing for it. They had that downtime last night, and it was the last day to name the turtles, so I think there's something going on with it. :P P.S., I'm really looking forward to the voice overs on all worlds. I still haven't finished up my myth, so he can hear some dragonspyre, and I have plenty of noobs getting ready.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thomas, 3:00 alaska time can you get on the test realm and go on an item hunt with me?

stingite said...

@starsongky: Very kind of Moolinda to make the place a warm and happy one for you gals!

I like your ideas for housing! Kingsisle pay attention to that!

@Michael: I think you're right and I agree. The voiceovers are an awesome addition to the game.

@Sean: Not sure if I can make it at that time, but I'll see what I can do.

Cheats and Crackers said...

Lol. I know I'm probably foolish to ask this, (and I highly doubt it) but did your son actually type that? :P

stingite said...

@ C&C: No. LOL. I typed it for him. :-)