Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Game Improvement Ideas

Tara over at West Karana asks what improvements we’d like to see to the game. I agree with her list, and here’s a couple more of my own:

1)Improved group combat
In some MMO’s like LOTRO and a couple other MMOs, there are certain moments during combat that a group move can be opened up to add damage to your opponents or heal or buff your group. I would love to see this kind of mechanic added to the relatively standard card game in Wizard101. This would come in the form of a card that opens up a kind of combo move for the group. Imagine that the person in the Sun position plays the group card, then depending on the following three cards played, one group animation and combat move was executed. So the first person plays the group card, and the next three people play a fire elf card . . . boom . . . Alicane Swiftarrow appears and puts a DoT on all opponents for twice the normal damage of a fire elf card. Or, the same scenario, only this time one player plays a lightning damage spell, another plays a fire damage spell, and the final player plays a cold damage spell and a swarm of hydras appear and damage the opponent based on the number of pips on the players damage cards. Group moves would give players a reason to reach into other schools of magic because the damage potential from a group move would make it even more effective than a single cast from their own school.

2)Mischief spells
You’re hanging out at your house and all of a sudden a gobbler appears to take over your screen and splats your screen with a pie. You’re in the middle of fighting Malistaire when all of a sudden a flying pig flies across your screen and blows you a kiss. You’re hanging out at someone’s house when “poof” you’re put in a troll costume for five minutes. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this game needs more comic mischief. I want the ability to play a trick on my friends in my friends list. This would be a spell that you cast, that costs mana just like it does when you mark a bind point. Accomplishments or side quests would open up mischief spells.

3) PVP Improvements
I've talked about this before in another post, but seriously a truce button and a silence other team button would be amazing.

Feel free to post a few of your own ideas! You know you have them. Why are you being all selfish with your ideas? huh? HUH?!


Happy Dueling!


Tesh said...

I'd like to see a good way for a Myth wizard to use his minion even if there are four wizards on his team. Whether that means a special "minion ring" addendum to the combat roster, or a way to convert minion spells to direct damage if yo uhave a full party, I'm not too particular. I just tire of dead spells and feeling like an amputee when I'm in a group. (Since Myth tends to lean on minions for a fair share of their damage.)

Justin HexHunter said...

i like the idea of a costume. if i have nothing better to do, i want to put on a cyclops costume and scare the crap out of a newbie. "You Must Come With Me." Is what i would say. the new guy will be like, "W T F? Is this a special quest or something?" i would say, "You must defeat 50 Cyclopses without being defeated and return here." He'll never be able to do that! i like the costumes.

Michael said...

Justin, really, no idea what you're talking about. Inappropriate and immature. As for your post friendly, I really like the combining idea. I would be interested to see what three storm lords would make. ;)