Sunday, May 31, 2009

Housing Item of the Day--Model MB Automobile

I've been meaning to put this up on the Item of the Day for a while now. It's one of the most expensive crown items out there, and I decided I really needed one parked out front.

Seriously, what house is complete without a car parked out front? The rumor is that Marleybone bosses can also drop one of these from their loot tables. So if you get one that way, consider yourself lucky!

You know, I read in an article somewhere (can't find it now; thought it might be this, but that wasn't it) that in the future Kingsisle would like to make some of the housing items "useable." Wouldn't it be awesome if your car here opened up a driving mini-game for your house guests to play? Yup, it'd be awesome.

Happy Dueling!

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Anonymous said...

you now, i feel the same way! i think wizard 101 should have the cars people have bought to drive. it would be really cool! and the person who bought it was prob. thinking it could drive! so they just went out and spent most of their money on a car they thought was able to be driven! i know what you are thinking. i am a huge chatterbox. i just wanted to tell you how i felt about the car thing. so i just think it would be very aweome to have driving cars. see you all and hopefully leave a comment later. bye! :D