Thursday, May 21, 2009


Ok, so Grizzleheim is all the talk here today. It looks like What They Play got to break the story. Gratz to them, that's a great organization and a great choice for releasing this information.

Tara over at West Karana got wind of it after gamermom twittered about it. I really need to follow Gamemom on twitter because she's all over the wizard101 scoops it seems like. Nice work, Gamemom. And Nice work, Tara.

So I drove to work (I pulled off to the side of the road on the way and tried to enter "seveneleven" into the wizard101 website, but couldn't find where to type it /shrug . . . gratz to Sean Emeraldweaver for getting a bug) and back channeled Professor Greyrose over e-mail with my congratulations on giving the scoop to What They Play. I also shot Nelson Everhart a message saying, we gotta do another interview on the music of Grizzleheim OR SOMETHING. He shoots me back an e-mail and get this . . . the music for Grizzleheim hasn't been written yet. So don't get too excited just yet. There's some stuff there that needs to happen still. I don't think you're going to see it busting out on the test server tomorrow or anything like that.

Around 3:00 pm or so, Kingsisle drops the press release on the rest of the world. After that, the news was basically wild fire. Where was I around 3:00 pm when the news hit? I was in a training course on how to facilitate a business meeting. wee.

Where was I tonight so I could type about it all? Amber Deathsong's 2-hour long dance recital.

And that's all about I know about it.

There are some awesome pictures of this stuff out there. I will probably throw down some speculations of my own in the next couple of days.

All I have to say now is AWESOME! I honestly can't wait for some new content like this.

More later!

Happy Dueling!


L. R. Jonté said...

"...because she's all over the wizard101 scoops it seems like."Psst! That's because she works for them doing PR.

Also, next Twitter contest, sign into and click on "redeem card or codes." That'll get you the prize, if you're quick enough. :)

For the record, I wasn't quick enough.

stingite said...

Oh nice! Thanks for the info mythspent!

smvb said...

I don't think very many people WERE quick enough (well, obviously, only 100 people were quick enough). I saw a post on the Wizard 101 forums that said they entered the code at two minutes after 8AM, and they did not get the pet.

Even if I had been able to enter the code at that time, there is no way I could have gotten it for myself AND both of my kids, so I guess that is fine. I suppose that it would be greedy of me to take up 3 of the 100 prizes, anyway.

smvb said...


Justin HexHunter said...

YAY! i got the death beetle as the twitter contest prize. i was on merle's case from 7:30 am! i was maybe one of the first to see the twitter message! and the best part! the referenced friendly! the clue was " what is the proper term for a death student?" and i have a speculation on how grizzleheim will turn out. it just says to me "mystical forest, filled with light and beauty. also filled with talking bears." thats what grizzleheim says to me. bears. i hope that i am right like all the other worlds creatures took from its name! KROKotopia! marleyBONE! MOOshu! WIZARD city! DROGONspyre! not sure about dragonspyre have not gotten that far in game yet.

Isaiah Spelldust said...

The screenshots of it was awesome! I wanna take up residence there!