Saturday, May 30, 2009

Housing Items of the Day--Ruined Dragonspyre Ring and Ninja Pig

I was hanging out at Michael Firecatcher's house when he decided to show me a couple of his prized possessions. We decided to make them the items of the day right then and there!

This first item is the Ruined Dragonspyre Ring. When I asked Michael where he got it from, the answer was a bit cryptic ("Tower of Arch"), so I'm hoping someone (maybe Michael himself) will clarify in the comments to this thread exactly where it came from . .. hopefully the name of the boss. (**NOTE** Morgrim, a reader of the blog let me know that this comes from Petrov in Gloomstrider's Tower in The Tower Archives **NOTE**)

The second item is a bit more well known, this is the Ninja Pig from the Jade Oni.

I'd love to get my hands on one of those for my statue collection.

Happy Dueling and Thanks, Michael!


Isaiah Spelldust said...

I like the pedestal that comes with it

Anonymous said...

Hey, great post. You have to see my comic so pop over to my blog. Anyway, when is mine coming up? TY!
-Sean E.

stingite said...

Morgrim noted that the ruined dragonspyre ring comes from Petrov in Gloomstrider's Tower in The Tower Archives.