Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Housing Item of the Day--Tall Ladder

Today's item of the day is nestled over in a lonely corner of the inner chamber in the chamber of fire in Krokotopia.

The evil twin and Isiah Taleslinger discovered it the other day while questing. The evil twin used it to collect all the evil dustballs off of the rafters in his dorm room. You may expect these dustballs to be put into your drinks, in your hair, on your pillow, and basically anywhere. It shall be the evil twin's dustball curse laid upon thee. BEWARE THE DUSTBALL OF THE EVIL TWIN!

Happy dueling!


Anonymous said...

i have question when is new orld coming? i mean all the new spells are out what about new world?

Michael said...

Dustballs! The new fashion! It's all the rage! Stop by your local jc penny's and pick some up today!