Sunday, May 24, 2009

House Item of the Day--Frozen Stone Pedestal

I got this pedestal when I was farming Sunken City.

But, from what I'm reading, this is one of the many random drops from all creatures in Wizard City, just like the prop houses, and the prop mountains. So I slipped that new frozen pedestal underneath a statue, and snapped this here screenshot.

Happy Dueling!

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Michael said...

Just a little update I wanted to give you: I chose fire for that noob wizard, and he has almost beaten mb. The reason it is going so quickly is because I'm skipping extra quests. He just finished katzenstein's lab last night and will probably beat marleybone today. I think that once I get to mooshu though, I'm going to do some extra quests, because mooshu is just that fun. :P