Monday, May 11, 2009

Item of the Day--Hydra Statue

Today's item of the day comes from Vika Markmaker in the Crystal grove. The Hydra Statue is a very popular item as you can see by all of Michael Firecatcher's house party guests yelling item of the day.

Kyle managed to get one (once again, he's so lucky).

I'm so jealous.

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

Wow, nice. I can't even get to that place yet, so no Hydra statue for me :-(
Hope you have luck getting yours Thomas!

Michael said...

It's sweet! I'm going and farming her for sure. And btw, your son cracked level 40? Way to go Kyle! Well, I know you did the work, but anyway, awesome!

Isaiah Spelldust said...

look who's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

ME! Yes folks i am back and in business. I was in a band contest in london so sorry for the delay!

Btw, like the items. Sorry i missed out!

~Isaiah Spelldust

michael firecatcher said...

nice for making me on the item for the day friendly :)

raven said...

how do you get that!?!?!?!?!

luke fire fist said...

i need that statue i have minotaur, wraith, colossus, fire cat, cyclops, dog shepard statue, and a nirini statue