Sunday, May 10, 2009

Housing Items of the day--Cyclops Statue, Dark Shelf, and House Prop

Well yesterday was an interesting day of farming and house decorating. We ended up farming General Akilles for an hour or so. At first it was just Tara and myself, then Michael Firecatcher came, then Elijah Stormheart came, then one of their buddies came. Sean Emeraldweaver was even there for a couple kills.

I got my Cyclops Statue during the first half hour, but Tara did not. Both of us got the Dark Shelf within the first fifteen minutes. Toward the end of the hour General Akilles also dropped a house prop for me. I do believe the house prop is very rare because, once again, it's not listed on General Akilles boss drops list. Then again, the statue may be classified as rare because Tara never ended up getting one (as far as I know).

You should have seen us developing a kill chain for tara. haha. Towards the end I would have Kyle and Thomas in a separate instances with General Akilles and get Akilles just to the point that all Tara would have to do is pop in and lay down the finishing blow. That way she was getting three chances to get the statue right in a row.

I also managed to get two blue ghosts out of the deal as well. Man that was a lot of farming. haha.

Happy Dueling!


Sean EmeraldWeaver said...

yo, thomas. Pulling an all nighter. Want to pop on for a bit?

Michael said...

Nothing new with the wizard101 central business. Not even with the new computer. :(

matthew myth/hexslinger said...

OK Thomas here's some ideas to blog about since you and KI are so tight. ;)
We want our pets to be freed from the back packs!
If you have ever played toon town you know of the Doodles. The pets on toontown roam around your estate while you are out doing tasks. That is what we want for Wizard...our Pets to roam freely at our estate waiting for their turn in battle, passing the time frolicking at the estate grounds.
That is all. :)
Matthew Mythslinger/Hexslinger

yulika said...

well ... i got that house prop at the end of the forth battle with the general :D maybe is rare and i was just very lucky

Michael said...

Matthew, your idea sounds great! I hope kingsile takes it into consideration.:)

brenda said...

You can only get one "1 Only" item per account. And if your accounts are all on the family plan, per all of them. Easily seen by picking up one world item, like the picture in the Myth school, and then trying it with any other character on any linked account. Same with Jade Oni.

I will never get a cyclops statue on Tara because I got one on Allison.

Definitely a big WTF.

stingite said...

@matthew: I'm sure they are watching the thread about "you and your pet" over at wizard101 central. If it's been mentioned there, they've seen it.

@yulika: awesome.

@brenda: That DOES bite. I guess you could always delete the statue from allison and win it on tara if you really wanted it on tara though, right? That is an issue though since every character can have a house, but if I have all the cool stuff on Thomas, then shoot.

The other thing is that I'm really bummed I've missed out on all the quest furniture. There's a couple rootbeer kegs that I really want . . . that are quest only. sigh. Shared bank maybe?

stingite said...


I don't think that's true. I got a unicorn statue on both kyle and thomas yesterday. They are on separate accounts but under the same family of accounts.

brenda said...

Well, I can't loot the picture from Myth that I looted on Allison with Tara, and I can't loot the kimono from Jade Oni that I got with Tara with Allison.

brenda said...

And suddenly I CAN loot that portrait.

I dunno! So confused.

I never did get that statue.

stingite said...

I wonder if you have to display it in your house before your other account could loot it?

TheInfamousSuperDeathWizard said...

The Wraith statue is angry,and when the Wraith statue is angry,!?

But seriously,where is it?:(...

brenda said...

I just had the shock of my life.

I killed Kraysys, once, first try tonight, got my life hat.

Went to Viktor, jumped in on a group who was just one round from killing him and didn't get the boots. Started a new round and boots dropped.

I might go try walking on water now.