Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

So, my wife said I shouldn't post on my blog today because it's mother's day.

So there . . . that's all you get.

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms that play Wizard101 with their kids!


Michael said...

Hey friendly, on that raffle video you said something that I wish was true. You said that you get the dragon pet, and that it comes with a POWER NOVA CARD. I seriously wish it did. Too bad it's only power PLAY. :( lol

stingite said...

LOL dangit. I screwed up.

Michael said...

So you're saying that since my mom doesn't play wizard101 with me she doesn't get a happy mother's day? lol

stingite said...

Dear Anon,

I removed your comment. I do see that it is important to you, so I'll think about addressing it in a formal post so you get the attention and maybe the answers you're searching for.


Anonymous said...

thank you stingite. i really apreciate it. i forgot what i said in the post already. in case i forgot to mention, what shouldd i do when my half brother and real dad are living in the same house. i mean, they were friends before but, since my brother thinks my dad moved in on his real dad, i dont know. there have been touch and go moments, but they seem to be back in a formal way. so they must be do for a fight soon. and they are going to the grocery store together. gulp. i really neeed help for my messed up life. maybe i'lll consider twitter. hmmmm
*wanders off*
*forgot wand*
*Goodbye, family NPC4*