Monday, May 4, 2009

J. Todd Coleman talks Wizard101 and Player Housing

Check out this little gem I stumbled upon today: It's a short interview with J. Todd Coleman on the "Kid Spaces" portion of the Designing Spaces show. You have to suffer through the first third of that video until you get to the Wizard101 stuff. I dig J. Todd Coleman. It was really cool talking with him in the Nelson Everhart interview. He's just a really nice guy.

Happy Dueling!

(p.s. sorry about the autoplay on that video, but I felt like I'd rather embed it here instead of just link to it . . . )


Shy said...

Wow, Wizards is getting a lot of people talking! It really is a great game :)

Anonymous said...

also: word verification=hotcra one letter off.

stingite said...

That's a nice 50" plasma you have there, Sean! I logged in and looked around for you, but I didn't see you online. I was playing Super Monkey Ball on the Wii with my kids for a good portion of the night though. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well. After that krock started loading at the starting screen and that takes for ever! I will most likely be on tonight from 3:40-5 alaska time if this dang thing will load. (boxes computer's ears) and the -- HEY! THIS IS THE COM PUTER HERE! CAN YOU PLEASE TELL THIS DUDE TO GET THIS STYROFOAM OFF ME? THANKS MUCH /endprgrm Computer will shut up! anyway.

Cheats and Crackers said...

Ha, it's funny how the kids on it are thrilled when the guy casts the helephant, (the little girl's mouth goes wide) and the one where they cast the fire dragon (the girl is beckoning her relatives over). Such noobs, everyone has seen a helephant. :P