Saturday, May 30, 2009

You're a new Fire Wizard and you need help?

Another visitor question here, and this time it comes from carme1311.

I'm a new fire
student and I needd

New fire student, eh? Awesome. Fire students are masters of damage over time spells and putting out stuns!

My first suggestion for you would be to get out there and do those quests! There's nothing more educational than playing the class and finding out what works best for you. The next thing I'm going to suggest for you is that you sign up to Wizard101 central. Those are the forums. On the forums there are many class specific sections.

That's the one you want right there. There are three pages of helpful posts in that section. You'll find everything from pvp advice, to setting up a deck, to your complete spell list.

I have yet to play a fire wizard, but I think it would be cool . . . as evidenced by this post.

Also, while you're at Wizard101 central, check out the forum called "In game quest help and meet ups." That's a good place to ask for people to help you with your questing.

Best of luck and Happy Dueling!


Morgrim ShadowWraith said...

although this has nothing to do with this post, i would like to know if you would like to be my friend in game. when i get around to malistaire i would like you to have my back :D get back to me please!

stingite said...

Hey Morgrim! Sure! I would love to be on your friends list. Just work out a time. I made some room on my friends list the other day by deleting a few people off that I hadn't seen in a while.

Anonymous said...

Necormancer or whatever we call yo. (not in a mean way though) How do we get post on wizard101 central, I'm so confused

stingite said...

haha, you can call me "Friendly"! What you do is click on the link that says "Register" on the top. Then just follow the steps.