Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Yup, they are really pushing the housing in this ad. AND, I have to say it's about time. :-) I was kind of getting sick of watching the old commercial on Cartoon Network. For some reason the advertisement looked dingy and old to me . . . I don't know what it was, but it looked like it lacked sharpness. /shrug

Anyway, here's the new ad:

Impressions . . . feel free to share yours.

- Does Gamma look odd in this commercial to you?
- Anyone know how I can score the dragon head on the wall?
- Should they have shown a clip of Dragonspyre when they said explore new realms?

Happy Dueling!


Justin HexHunter said...

in that commercial, everyone looked odd. ambrose was going "oh, look at my awesome glowing hand that blocks out the other characters." his hand was covered in dark pixie dust and i dont want to know how it got there /shudder.

Quantize said...

they showed the drake riding, that was a smart move in my opinion. i like this commercial a lot more than the previous one, and it looks better quality.

Anonymous said...

yeah i can definatley say that it is better quality and i enjoyed a lot ;D

Lail Ghostshade said...

well i think they should of showed getting a drop or finding something or how to place an item...

quinn said...

You can get the Dragon Bust on some street from a wall... sorry, I cant remember where but I have it lol