Saturday, May 30, 2009

How do you get statues onto pedestals?

We've got another question here. This time it comes from Morgrim Hexmender aka Malfi

Here's the question:

Hey Friendly! I
don't think my last
question went
through! I was
wondering how you
got your statues
onto pedestals? I
couldn't get my
unicorn statue to
sit on top of my
life pedestal. HELP!

Thanks for the question, Malfi! You're right, I don't have any record of your previous question . . . weird. Thanks for trying again.

As for your question, I actually already brought this up in this post here (click me) when the life pedestal was the item of the day.

Basically, the life pedestal appears to be broken! Please bug report this item if you can. All other pedestals in the game have been working for me. You just place the statue on top of the pedestal after setting the pedestal down. It should be easy, but for some reason I have had no success with the life pedestal in particular.

Happy Dueling!

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Matt said...

Aaah! Thanks Friendly. I missed that bug note when you originally posted the Unicorn!