Tuesday, May 12, 2009

PvP's dirty laundry list

So, there are problems in Wizard101's PvP.

Alex asks posters to stop talking about chain stunning anymore because there's way too many threads about it already: click

Blake talks about chain shielding with minions and catches tons of anger for it: click

Wild Bolt with high accuracy applied to them is talked about yet again: click

Picantel reports a six hour long duel and the suggestion is made to have a truce button within that thread. People are also hoping they limit the number of reshuffles allowed: click

And as I predicted wayyyyy back when pvp was announced, people are not happy with the smack talk, especially when people find ways to circumvent the chat filter to swear at them . . . olivia calls for an ignore button: click

So I believe those are all the major gripes about pvp right now, and I can see why they'd be irritating to people.

Chain stunning: if all you do is stun the other opponents consequetively while a teammate rakes the other team over the coals with aoe blasts and traps, it's frustrating. smart. But definitely frustrating for the other team. I've been on the end of a chain stunning battle and it was frustrating. agreed. You can't do anything. And if both teams have a stunner? The first to start their chain cycle wins.

Chain shielding with or without minions: Listen, if your build includes nothing but shield afer shield after shield with one or two really weak damage cards or a minion that casts really weak damage cards, you're building a long battle. If you're building a long battle, the question I ask is . . . which is worse? chain stunning to get the battle over with quickly, or chain shielding to make the battle last forever in the hopes the other team will flee.

Wild both with high accuracy cards applied to them: I've lost to this strategy. You would not believe the damage wild bolt can put out . . . even through a 50% shielding. It's insane. The only reason I think we don't hear more about this strategy is that some of the nicer accuracy cards are harder to come by, and I believe it's really only a "problem" in 1v1 battles.

treasure deck full of reshuffles: haha. Combine a treasure deck full of reshuffles with chain shielding and you're in for a long long fight.

Long battles: So it's natural that battles are going to take longer the more people that are involved, right? 1v1 won't last as long as 2v2 and 3v3 won't last as long as 4v4. But, I believe the level 48 healing spell, and the fact that it can be made into a treasure card, is really stretching things out in all duels greater than 1v1. Who in their right mind wants to spend three to six hours in the same duel. That's insane. That's just like raiding in old Everquest: tons of grind for little reward. And as we all know, people will crash out on an unstable internet connection and then . . . boom . . . one of the teams is down a player. That's just not fair anymore.

As for the truce button suggestion and the ignore button suggestion: TWO THUMBS UP! As long as the button can't be used as a way to spam me with messages, I'm in total agreement.

And that's the PvP dirty laundry list as I see it on 13 May 2009.


Anonymous said...

The one thing I really wish they'd add to PvP is team-only chat. It would be nice to coordinate spells with my teammates without the opponents overhearing everything.

"Load them with Fire Traps, I have Meteor next round," loses its charm when it leads to a flurry of damage and accuracy reducers from our (un)suspecting targets.

Quantize said...

good list of complaints here, hopefully KI will take a look!