Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Merle is getting tricky

Tricky Tricky TRICKY!

So here's the deal. It appears you need to follow Merle Ambrose on twitter. If you do so, you'll be given clues to solve. At the end of the mystery, hopefully, you'll get an awesome pet.

Message 1:
I have a special pet to share with those who dare to uncode the mystery. I will pose questions to test your wizardry skills.

Message 2:
The answer to the question is a clue to the code. For example, if the answer to question #2 is "wizard", "W" is the 2nd letter of the code.

Message 3:
The questions will be be found here. The answers will be found in the game or web.

I'll try to keep track of these here, but really . . . you should hop on twitter and follow Merle for up to date news. Messages seem to be coming in about one every 12 hours . . . we're due for another clue here within the hour . . . hmmmmmmmmm.

Happy Dueling!


Sean EmeraldWeaver said...

sorry i spazzin

Anonymous said...

I think the pet is a power dragon

Where They At? said...

The first two questions are already up.

Iridian said...

Get ready! There are 9 questions up.