Thursday, April 30, 2009

Housing Item of the Day--Lynx Stargazer Picture

Today's Housing Item of the Day is a total art heist off the wall of the Myth School.

GASP! Kingsisle! Ohh how you have dropped us. When we started this game, you were secretly training us on how to be good citizens: walking on the sidewalk, helping others in their time of need, developing a 401k . . . . Now look at us, art thieves. Oh well, Professor Drake probably didn't like the "day dreaming" part of this art piece anyway. He WANTED you to steal it, yeah yeah. He WANTED you to, yup.

You know, this does bring up something about looting a detail from the world and adding it to your house. It's no longer there in the game! I kind of like some of these items being there in the world for me to look at. hmmmm, no fear, after the patch on the test realm today, I will no longer own these objects. They shall be free.

*gong* I think I just learned something about impermanence *gong*

Or maybe that was just indigestion. hmmm

Happy Dueling!

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Michael said...

Lol. Here at ravenwood school of magical thefts, we teach you to steal our professors' paintings and other such things. We shall NOT teach you how to save the world, but how to steal things. (Not sure how stealing malistaire's staff is gonna save the world.) Oh, and you don't have to say all those fancy names like, "Lynx Stargazer". Just call it the kitty cat looking up at the sky. :P