Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tour of Wizard101 offices now up at Becketts

I had mentioned this earlier when I first got my copy of Beckett's MMO magazine, but now this is available to all: CLICK ME!

There are seven small pictures there in the article. I grabbed them off the site and blew them up in my graphics program, but they were still really small. If anyone has access to the high resolution versions of those images, please let me know.

Here's one of their picture blown up and sharpened. I can't get much out of this. What instance are they working on in this picture? Any guesses?

This article is well worth the read! GO NOW! What are you waiting for!?

Happy Dueling!


JohnIceblade said...

They are doing Frostholm in GH.

Jessica said...

Huh. Looks like grizzleheim. I don't know.